Today’s Sanjivani 26 August episode begins with Vardhan warning Ishani (Surbhi Chandan) about the decision she was going to take as he feared that history would repeat itself. Dr. Sid was nursing some poor people. Some woman came with a small girl who was not breathing.

Sid used his presence of mind and successfully treated the girl. Vardhan offered Dr. Anjali the post of head of a luxury ward. Shashank called Ishani in his room and discussed Sid’s bribery case. He said Sid’s actions could be wrong but his intentions were true.

A man tried to burn himself but Sid rescued him on time. The man turned out to be Sid’s uncle, who was mentally ill. He manipulated his uncle and stopped him from lighting the matchstick. Sid informed his mother that was suspended from the hospital.

Sid thought about resigning from Sanjivani but his mother told him not to quit. Sanya asked about Dr. Sid and wished to meet him. Other doctors tried to convince Ishani in taking the right decision for Dr. Sid. Ishani was confused but remembered how Sid helped save Tanya against all odds. The written update of 26 August 2019 Sanjivani episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Sanjivani, watch Vardhan coerces Ishani to reveal the truth about Dr. Sid. Stay tuned!