Sherdil Shergill 10th October 2022 Written Update Ep-11: Manmeet and Raj were about to go to the market but Manmeet’s Buaji forces them to come and dance with them. They both dance together on Gidha. Manmeet and Raj go to the market together to bring Anmol’s diaper.

In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Manmeet hears an alarm and tells Raj to turn it off. She wakes up and sees that Raj is not sleeping beside them. She goes out and sees Raj sleeping on the sofa. She put the blanket properly on Raj’s legs and hands. She turns off the alarm. She hears Buaji coming into the living room and she hides Raj’s face and sits on Raj. Buaji asks her what she is doing here. Manmeet tells her that Raj is snoring too much so she got up and came here. Buaji tells Manmeet that she wants to talk with her and she is about to sit on the sofa but Manmeet stops her and takes her outside in the garden to talk while having tea and watching the sunrise. She tells Raj to go inside and sleep. In the morning, Gunjan’s wedding ritual starts and everyone is dancing in the garden on the dhol. Gunjan shows Manmeet all her wedding function dresses.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet tells Gunjan that she is very happy for her. Manmeet hears that Anmol is crying and she takes milk for him but Anmol refuses to drink milk. She plays with him and she sees that Raj is still sleeping and snoring. She wakes him up and tells him to get ready as they have to shift at the wedding venue and there their more relatives are coming. Manmeet thanks Raj for sleeping on the sofa at night. Raj tells Manmeet sarcastically that he did not know that Manmeet knows to say thank you as well. Manmeet’s mother comes to take Anmol down. Manmeet asks her mother why she did not come last time to sleep in this room. Her mother tells her that this is a big room and the three can fit there. Manmeet tells her mother that Raj is not her real husband. Puneet tells her that she knows everything and she doesn’t need to hide anything from her. Puneet takes Anmol and goes down.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet is searching for something in the bag. Raj comes there and tells her that he thought that she must be an organized lady but she has ruined everything in the room. Manmeet tells Raj that maybe she forgot Anmol’s diaper bag in Mumbai and now she needs to buy a diaper. Raj hears the dhol and goes down to dance. Manmeet’s mother comes there and tells him that she is very happy that he is their real son-in-law and not fake. Raj stands confused. She tells him to eat Chole-Bhature and that she will send Manmeet’s father to him. Ajeet comes there and takes Raj’s measurements to stitch the suit. Later Manmeet and Raj are about to leave for the market to buy diapers but Buaji pulls them to dance and they both dance together on Gidha. Raj pulls Manmeet close to her. Then everyone starts dancing and Manmeet takes Raj and escapes from there and they both go to the market on the scooty.

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