In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode Gunjan’s mother-in-law tells Gunjan’s mother that she will talk to Manmeet today and she will sort out everything and she tells Gunjan’s mother not to take tension of Manmeet’s marriage. Buaji and Taiji stand confused after listening to this. Gunjan’s mother tells Gunjan’s mother-in-law that she wants to talk for a few minutes but she refuses to talk as their guests are arriving. Gunjan’s in-laws are about to leave and then they call Gunjan and tell her that they have a marriage proposal for Gunjan and they want Gunjan to marry that boy. Manmeet and Raj are in the market and Raj tells Manmeet that everyone thinks that your lie is true. Manmeet asks him what he is trying to say. Raj tells her that her mother spoke to him and she thinks that they both are real parents of Anmol and her father took his measurements to stitch the same suit.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Raj tells Manmeet that her fake plan is going to trap them in big trouble. Manmeet says that he is right and he tells him to go back to Mumbai. He tells her he can’t leave Like this as he has told Nikki that he is in Shimla till Monday. Manmeet tells Raj that tomorrow is the sangeet function and after that function we will tell everyone that he has to go for an important meeting to Sydney and if he doesn’t want to go back home Mumbai then he can stay in any hotel. He says that not Sydney but London. She says fine. Raj tells Manmeet that he noticed one thing about her. In Mumbai she is Sherdil, who is the best architect and a confident girl but at her home she is a small girl who is waiting to hug her father and meet all her relatives. He also tells her that when she cries her left eye becomes small. Manmeet tells Raj to shut up.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, they all are about to leave at the wedding venue. Manmeet and Raj return from the market. Ajeet takes Raj along with him. Gunjan tells Manmeet that she wants to talk privately with her. They go into the room and Gunjan tells Manmeet that her mother-in-law has a marriage proposal for her. Manmeet tells Gunjan that has she lost her mind, she has brought Raj as her husband and Anmol is her son. Gunjan tells Manmeet that her mother-in-law suddenly gave the news and she got confused. Manmeet tells Gunjan to call her mother-in-law and she will clear all the confusion. Gunjan refuses to do it. At the mehendi function everyone looks at Anmol and they gossip about whose son he is. Buaji comes and tells everyone that he is their grandson. Raj executes his plan and keeps Anmol alone on the floor and he starts crying. Manmeet’s father comes and picks him up. Manmeet gets happy seeing this and she hugs Raj and thanks him.

Picture Credit- Voot