In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Manmeet hugs Raj and tells him thanks as because of him her father took Anmol in his arms. Raj tells Manmeet that he is not as bad as she thinks. He gives his dupatta to Manmeet to wipe her tears. Then Manmeet goes to her father and hugs him and Anmol together. Raj says that one plan got over now he will start the second one. Raj and Manmeet tell Puneet that Raj has to attend an important meeting in London and he has to leave from here right away. Puneet says that he can’t leave as all their guests are coming and functions are also not over. Manmeet says that the meeting is very important and they already postponed it one time and now he has to attend it. Manmeet tells Raj to go as he has to do his packing. Puneet goes and tells Manmeet’s father everything and she tells him that Manmeet is intentionally sending Raj back home. She tells Ajeet to stop Raj. Manmeet’s father goes to talk with Raj.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Raj is packing his bags and Manmeet’s father comes into the room and asks where he is going. Raj explains to him. He tells him that he can’t go anywhere and he tells him to stay back and enjoy the wedding. Raj agrees to stay back. Then at the sangeet function, Taiji and Buaji perform a dance together and everyone enjoys it. Raj comes near Manmeet and starts dancing. Manmeet gets shocked seeing Raj and asks what he is doing here. Raj tells her that she told him to do drama and now as the drama is over she wants him to go back home. He says that he won’t go back and he will enjoy all the functions and eat food and meet all the girls. Manmeet says that she is still suggesting going back otherwise he will be in trouble. Raj doesn’t listen to her and starts dancing. Then the host calls Manmeet, Raj, and Anmol to dance together. Manmeet says that they have not rehearsed together so they can’t dance. Raj takes her on the stage and they both start dancing.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Gunjan’s in-laws come to the function. Gunjan takes her mother aside and tells her everything that her mother-in-law told her in the morning. Gunjan’s mother scolds her and tells her to go inside. Roshan’s mother tells her husband to wait and welcome their big guest from Mumbai. Puneet tells Gunjan’s mother-in-law everything. She gets shocked and tells that she brought a great marriage proposal for Manmeet and if they don’t accept it, their business will be at loss. Their big guests are Raj’s parents and Gunjan’s father-in-law welcomes them to the function. Raj’s parents come inside and see Raj dancing with Manmeet and Anmol. They both get shocked. Papaji asks the host who they are. The host says that Raj is Dulhan’s sister’s husband and the kid is their son. Manmeet and Raj get shocked to see Papaji and Mummyji. Raj’s parents leave the ceremony and go into their room and are confused about what’s happening.

Picture Credit- Voot