In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj tells Manmeet that he is going to tell his parents everything as he can’t hurt his parents. Manmeet requests him to hide the truth for just 12 hours and after that, they will tell them everything. Raj tells Manmeet to shut up and he says that he in fact will tell everyone that they are not husband and wife and they are just acting so that her sister Gunjan’s marriage won’t have any issues. Manmeet stops Raj but he doesn’t listen. Manmeet then plays Raj’s stand-up comedy video and blackmails him that if he didn’t listen to her and support her in their plan then she will reveal his truth to his Papaji. Raj gets shocked and yells at Manmeet as to why she made the video so that she can blackmail him and make use of him whenever she wants. Manmeet says she didn’t mean anything like that.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet’s parents go to meet Raj’s parents and they request them to stay back for two days, and after their younger daughter’s wedding, they will sit together and talk about it. Papaji tells Manmeet’s parents to focus on their daughter’s wedding and assures them that they won’t create any problems with their daughter’s wedding. Ammaji tells Papaji that Manmeet’s parents are nice. Papaji gives her a look, drinks alcohol, and tells her to sleep as tomorrow morning they will leave from here. Raj asks Manmeet’s parents if his parents are fine. Ajeet tells him that they are a little shocked but they will be fine. Manmeet tells her parents to go and they will come back. Manmeet tells Raj that he promised her that he will support her in their plan till the last second. She requests him to act only for more than 12 hours then they will tell everything to his parents and she will also help him to go to Sydney.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Raj claps for Manmeet and tells her that she is blackmailing him that she will reveal his dream and then again promises to help him out to complete his dream. He tells her that he has never seen a selfish girl like her. He tells her that he will stay back and she wants him to act so now he will act and shock everyone. Manmeet gets worried. The next morning everyone gets ready and Manmeet and her father welcome all the guests. Raj comes there and waits for his parents. Manmeet asks him if he really thinks they will come. Papaji and Ammaji come along with their bags and they are about to leave. Manmeet’s parents and Gunjan’s in-laws tell them to wait but Papaji tells them to pay attention to their meeting and tells Gunjan’s in-laws that they will not cancel their business partnership and also hand over a gift for Gunjan with her mother. Raj and Manmeet tell Papaji that they want to talk to them and tell the truth. Papaji tells Manmeet and Raj to complete all their responsibilities as jijaji and didi and then come back home and they will sit together and talk.

Picture Credit- Voot