In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj’s father tells Raj to fulfill his duties as Gunjan’s jijaji and return to Mumbai, and then they will talk about it. Papaji keeps his hand on Raj’s shoulder but Raj thinks that he is going to slap him and keeps his hand on the cheeks. Papaji tells him not to worry as he won’t beat him at his in-law’s place. Papaji tells Manmeet and Raj to go as the baarat has arrived. Raj’s parents leave from there. Manmeet and Raj go inside and welcome Gunjan’s in-laws. Raj takes care of Anmol and Manmeet welcomes them. They all sit in the mandap. Gunjan’s mother-in-law calls Puneet and tells her to come aside as she wants to talk. She tells Puneet not to worry as they will always keep Gunjan happy.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Gunjan’s mother-in-law asks Puneet if Manmeet is married to Mr. Yadav’s son Raj and if they also have a son Anmol and Mr. Yadav is not even aware of it. Puneet tells her that this is not the correct time to talk about it and Mr. Yadav has also given a token of love to Gunjan. Gunjan’s mother-in-law takes the envelope and sees one lakh rupees and tells Puneet that this means that they have accepted Manmeet as their daughter-in-law. Panditji tells Puneet and Ajeet to call Gunjan’s brother but Buaji tells Panditji that Gunjan doesn’t have a brother. Raj comes forward and asks Panditji what he has to do. Gunjan becomes happy seeing this. Panditji tells Raj to tie the knot for the Pheras. Manmeet helps Raj to tie the knot. After the wedding ends, Raj goes to the reception and tells the manager to book a cab for him to return back to Mumbai.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet sees it and asks the manager what Raj told him. Manmeet also decides to leave after Gunjan’s bidaai. She goes inside and tells her mother that after Gunjan’s bidaai ceremony she will also leave for Mumbai. Puneet tells her to wait for some days but Manmeet tells her mother that she has to go to Raj’s house and clear their misunderstanding as she is responsible for all the mess. Her mother gets emotional as both her daughters will go today. Manmeet tells her that she is not going forever and she will complete all her work and return back with Anmol as soon as possible. Manmeet’s father comes there and tells Manmeet to always be happy and hugs her. They all get emotional. Then Manmeet goes into her room to do the packing and her father comes there and tells her that now he will never be mad at her and support her always and she doesn’t need to be scared to tell him everything. She gets emotional and hugs her dad. After Gunjan’s bidaai ceremony, the manager comes to call Raj and Manmeet as their cab has arrived.

Picture Credit- Voot