In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj and Manmeet leave from Manmeet’s parents’ house for Mumbai. Raj tells Manmeet that she should have stayed back as her parents need her right now. Manmeet tells Raj that right now more than her parents it’s important that Raj’s parents should know the truth and not misunderstand them. Manmeet apologizes to Raj and tells him that she did not record his stand-up comedy video intentionally. She captured it because she liked it. She tells him that she doesn’t want the video to create any problems between them and she deletes the video and apologizes to Raj. The housemates ask Ammaji if she did not ask Raj anything about Manmeet and Anmol. Ammaji says that he wanted to ask but Papaji did not let her ask.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Punit tells that this must be real as many times he dropped and picked up Raj from Manmeet’s place and Manmeet used to phone call Raj and call him to her house. Everyone worries for Raj. Mr. Yadav comes there and tells everyone to do their work and he tells Murari to come along with him. Murari asks Yadavji if he did not ask Raj about all the drama. Yadavji tells Murari that he doesn’t want to create any drama there and they will come to know what is the truth tomorrow morning when they both will come here. Manmeet and Raj arrive in Mumbai and Raj recalls how his parents saw him dancing with Manmeet and his father addressed him as Gunjan’s jijaji. Raj tells Manmeet that they will first go to her house and discuss what to tell his parents and then go to his house.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet tells him to relax and tells him that they have to tell his parents someday. Punit comes to the airport to take Raj and Manmeet as Papaji strictly tells him to bring them home. Manmeet calls his driver and tells him to come to the given address and bring Priya. Mr. Yadav calls his daughter to handle the situation. Choti comes and tells Papaji that Manmeet wants to influence Raj and she has already done it. Papaji tells Choti to be within her limits as she is Shergill Madam and she is his business partner. Raj and Manmeet arrive home and Manmeet gives Anmol to her maid Priya and tells her to go home. Manmeet comes and tells Mr. Yadav that whatever they saw and heard in Shimla was all an act and she is fully responsible for it. She tells them that Raj helped her a lot and she is thankful for him.

Picture Credit- Voot