In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj says that everything was going according to their plan but his parents came and the chaos started. Mr. Yadav tells his wife that this is what Raj thinks about them, that they are problem creators and they should have not gone to Shimla as because of them their son’s plan failed. Manmeet tells Mr. Yadav that this is not what he meant. Manmeet tries to explain to Mr. Yadav that she knows Raj for the past 3 months and she has a son of 1.5 years so Anmol can’t be Raj’s son. Manmeet tells Mr. Yadav that it was all her fault and plan. She apologizes to Mr. Yadav. She then goes to Mrs. Yadav to apologize to her as well. Raj’s sister questions Raj that Manmeet had a reason to make him a fake husband but what was his reason to be her fake husband and go with her? Mr. Yadav takes out his shoe and hits Raj and lashes on him for letting them down.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Raj’s family tells Mr. Yadav to calm down. Ammaji tells Raj that he should have told them once as they all were worried for him. Papaji throws his shoes on Raj and asks him why he did all this. Manmeet tells Mr. Yadav that he did it because of him. Manmeet tells Mr. Yadav that Raj has grown up in his upbringing and that is the reason he selflessly helped his boss. Manmeet also tells them that her sister Gunjan tried to attempt suicide and she forced her to come and she had no other option than to ask Raj for help and he did it. She tells them that her son is small and she needs to go take him home. She apologizes to them once again and goes to Priya. She tells Manmeet that Anmol is sleeping and her mother calls her. Manmeet takes the phone and calls Hussain to take the office’s whereabouts. Hussain tells Manmeet that here in the office one more drama has been created.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Hussain tells Manmeet that Nikki came to the office and she asked everyone what was going on between Manmeet and Raj. Manmeet hungs up the phone and takes Anmol home. She tells Priya to take care of Anmol and she thinks about Raj and Raj also thinks about Manmeet. Papaji comes and apologizes to Raj for hitting him but he was terrified at that moment and when Shergill madam told him the truth, he realized his mistakes. He applied ointment to Raj’s injury. Anmol suddenly starts crying. Manmeet asks Priya what happened. Priya says that she was feeding him food and he was playing and suddenly started crying. Manmeet sees that Anmol’s favorite red toy is not there. She thinks that it is left back in Shimla. Raj unpacks his bag and finds Anmol’s red toy and he goes to Manmeet’s house to give it to Anmol as he must be crying for it. Manmeet thanks Raj and tells him that he has become her problem-saver.

Picture Credit- Voot