In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj was sleeping in Manmeet’s balcony and Manmeet was sleeping in the sofa. Raj suddenly wakes up and realizes that he is at Manmeet’s place. He sees Manmeet sleeping on the sofa. He wakes up, takes the blanket, and puts on Manmeet and he goes home. Raj’s mother comes into his room and doesn’t find Raj there. She recalls what happened in Jaipur and she becomes restless because Raj was not home. Choti comes there. Ammaji asks her why she came back. She tells Ammaji that she won’t go home but she was worried for Raj so she came again. She calls out to Raj but she doesn’t find him. Ammaji tells her that Raj is not here. Choti says that Raj is shameless as he first created drama and now he is out of the house and everyone here is tense but he doesn’t care at all.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Ammaji tells Choti to keep quiet because Papaji beat Raj with shoes. Choti says that she just wanted to know what was the truth. Raj slowly enters the house and comes into his room. He sees them both and asks them what they are doing here. They ask him where he was. Ammaji asks him if he went to meet Manmeet. He tells them that he went to have coffee with his friends. Choti tells him that he is lying. He tells Choti to shut up. He assures his mother and tells her to go to sleep. He tells Choti to get out. He was about to sleep but he receives a message from Nikki that she is going to come to his house tomorrow and they need to get married soon. He gets tense. The next morning Manmeet comes to the office and greets everyone. She comes into her cabin and Raj greets her good morning. She asks him how he came early. He tells her that he drank the coffee made by her so he was not able to sleep the whole night so he came to the office early.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet tells him to go and do his work. Ammaji calls Raj and tells him that he has to come home early today as a girl is coming with her family to see him and they want him to get married to her. Raj tells Ammaji why they are in a hurry. Ammaji tells him not to question and to come home early. Mr. Yadav tells Nirali that she is panicking and forcing Raj. She tells Mr. Yadav said that Raj was not home yesterday night as well and he is not serious in his life so if he gets married he will be in the correct direction. Raj leaves for his stand-up comedy studio from his office. Divya calls Manmeet and tells her to come home urgently as Anmol is not well and crying a lot. Manmeet leaves to go home and calls Raj and tells him to come home as it’s urgent. Raj takes a U-turn and goes to Manmeet’s house. His parents are waiting for him as the girl with her family are waiting to meet Raj. He goes to Manmeet’s place with the doctor and the doctor helps and removes the peas from Anmol’s nose. Choti calls Raj to ask where he is but Raj does not answer.

Picture Credit- Voot