In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode Raj tells Manmeet that the doctor was asking lots of questions and as it was an emergency, to save time he said that Anmol is his son. Manmeet thanks Raj for helping her. Choti feels like acidity so her husband gives her milk. She tells her husband that her mom-dad is in real tension now. Her mom wanted Raj to settle in his life but Raj is nowhere. Her husband tells her that Raj didn’t even pick up her phone. She tells him that she did not call him at all, she was acting. Her husband asks her why she did that. She tells him that she wants Raj to be single as they both have a daughter now and if Raj gets married and they have a baby boy then Papaji will give all his property to Raj’s son. So her plan is that they will have a son first and then Raj should get married. Maid comes and calls Choti and her husband inside as Papaji calls them.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, They come inside and Papaji tells everyone that nobody will ask Raj anything, he will tell when he wants to tell. They all go to sleep. Raj silently comes inside the house. Ammaji sees him and follows him to his room. Manmeet’s parents call Raj and they thank him for helping Anmol. Puneet tells Raj what he has done for Anmol, like that only a father can do to his son. Raj says that he is also a family member. Ammaji hears that and gets tense and goes into her room. Mr. Yadav asks her if she bothered Raj with her questions. Ammaji tells Papaji what she heard. He tells him to sleep as she is overthinking. Next morning Raj came into the office and everyone was looking for something. Raj asks what they are doing. A colleague tells him that Mishraji’s phone is missing. Raj goes to Mishraji and asks what happened.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Raj gets a call from Mishraji’s phone. He picks up and sees that Nikki has video called him. Nikki tells Raj that he blocked her number but he can’t block her from his life. She tells him that if he does not come here in half an hour then she will jump off from this building. This building is Mr. Yadav and Manmeet dream project and if she attempted suicide from this building than their dream will remain dream only. He cuts the call. Raj gets shocked. Manmeet enters the office and greets everyone. Raj takes her to her cabin and tells her the problem. She tells him to handle her on his own. Raj tells her that she is jumping from Sky Heights which is her dream project. Manmeet tells Raj that Nikki is mad. Raj tells Manmeet that they will tell Nikki that they are married and Anmol is their son. They go and stop Nikki from suiciding and lie to her that they are husband and wife. Nikki gets shocked and faints.

Picture Credit- Voot