Sherdil Shergill 27th October 2022 Written Update Ep-24: Raj tells Manmeet that she is selfish and she left him alone after her work was done. His parents are getting him married and she is not bothered at all. Manmeet asks Raj if he loves her as he has been behaving strangely for 2-3 days.

Sherdil Shergill 27th October 2022 Written Update Ep-24: Manmeet questions Raj if he loves her

In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj comes into the office and he dreams that Manmeet is doing his aarti and also applying tika to him. Manmeet tells Raj to behave himself. Raj removes his jacket and shows Manmeet the T-shirt which he was wearing and he wrote Raj’s Suyamver on it. Manmeet asks Raj what nonsense is this and why he is here as she did not invite him to the puja. Manmeet tells her secretary to come inside the office. Raj goes to Manmeet’s office to talk to her. He tells her why she is not bothered at all that he is getting married. Manmeet tells Raj to leave as she is having a conference meeting. Raj takes Manmeet to an unknown place to talk to her. Manmeet asks Raj why he brought her here, she wants to go home as there is a family dinner. Raj praises Manmeet that she is having a family dinner and he is not invited.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Raj tells Manmeet that a few days back he was a member of the family and now he is completely thrown out. Manmeet asks Raj what is the issue. Raj tells her that she is mean and she doesn’t think about others. Manmeet says that she is like this only, she was lost for a few days as she wanted Gunjan’s marriage to happen properly but now she is back on track. Raj says then what about him. His parents want him to get married and Manmeet is not helping him at all. Manmeet tells Raj that they were just colleagues and now he is not even working in the office. Raj tells Manmeet that she threw him away like they threw a dead bug in the milk. Manmeet asks Raj if he is in love with her. He tells her that she has gone mad and expects love from others. Manmeet tells him that for 2-3 days he is behaving differently. He is calling her again and again. He came to the Diwali puja when he was not even invited. He expected to look at him when he got discharged from the office.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, Manmeet says that all this is strange to her and that is the reason she asked. Raj tells her that he is not in Love and he did everything with a pure heart and he thinks that she is in love with him. Manmeet tells Raj to shut up and tells him that they both are different and belong to different worlds and they will never become one. Raj tells her that she is right as they belong to different worlds and he is returning back to his world and she should also return to her own world and he prays that she should never cross his world. He tells her goodbye and goes from there. Raj comes home and tells his parents that he will marry whichever girl they will choose for him. Papaji and Ammaji get happy with Raj’s decision and Mr. Yadav calls his friend Mr. Gopal and tells them to come to their house for Diwali with their daughter Anisha. Raj then takes Anisha to Manmeet’s house and introduces Anisha to Manmeet as her wife-to-be.

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