Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 Written Update Ep-26: Raj tells Manmeet that he needs 5 lakhs rupees from here as he was an intern in her company and he acted as her husband for 4 days and changed Anmol’s diaper. Manmeet decides to attend Raj and Anisha’s engagement ceremony.

Sherdil Shergill 31st October 2022 Written Update Ep-26: Raj demands 5 lakhs rupees from Manmeet

In today’s Sherdil Shergill episode, Raj comes to Manmeet’s house. Manmeet asks him why he is here and she asks him whom he has brought today along with her. Raj tells her that he wants to talk about something important with her. Manmeet tells him that she hung up his phone twice then he should have understood that she is busy. Puneet and Ajeet come there and ask Raj if everything is fine. Raj says that he wanted to talk with Manmeet. Puneet tells them that if it is important then they will go inside and they both can talk. Puneet says that otherwise Manmeet and Raj both should go inside the room and discuss and they will wait here. Manmeet says that they don’t need to do that. Raj says yes they will go into the bedroom and talk. Ajeet tells Puneet why she told them to go inside. Puneet says that Raj wanted to talk about something important and they both went inside.

Then in Sherdil Shergill, Puneet says that it is a good thing they will come out after sorting everything out. Ajeet tells her that tomorrow is Raj’s engagement. Puneet says that they received an engagement invitation that doesn’t mean Raj is engaged, anything can happen. Raj and Manmeet come out fighting and Manmeet tells Raj to never come again. Puneet asks Manmeet what happened. Manmeet says nothing. Mr. Yadav takes Raj to identify the goons who beat him and he is hospitalized. Raj identifies them and when Mr. Yadav asks the goons why they attacked Raj they say that they saw that Raj is having money and branded watch so they stole his watch and wallet and hit Raj. Mr. Yadav tells them that in the video they didn’t see anything like that. Mr. Yadav tells the goon to tell the truth but Raj already instructed the goons to lie and gave them money and told them his plan.

Lastly in Sherdil Shergill, in the flashback, it is shown that as soon as Murari told Raj about the goons he secretly visited them and told his plan to them and told them not to say anything about the stand-up comedy thing and promised to give them 5 lakhs. Raj goes to Manmeet’s house and when they enter the room, he tells her to return his wallet and watch and tells her that the goons are found. He tells her to give him 5 lakh rupees. Manmeet tells Raj if he is mad and why will she give 5 lakhs to him. He says that he was an intern in her office for 3 months and 30,000 per month. His father beat him with Sandal because of her Shimla plan. He changed Anmol’s diaper 5 times and he acted as her husband for 4 days. Manmeet tells Raj not to act smart. Raj tells her that she removed him from his life like a little bug and if she is selfish then why can’t he think about himself? Manmeet gives him money and tells him never to return again. Raj takes the money, wallet, and watch and gives the goons, and tells them to act as told. Hussain tells Manmeet to attend Raj’s engagement ceremony for Mr. Yadav’s sake and also if she doesn’t attend then Mr. Yadav will think that there is still something cooking between her and Raj. Manmeet decides to attend Raj’s engagement.

Picture Credit- Voot