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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update, Episode 3024 28th October 2020, we see that Jethalal is worried that everyone's Garba is amazing and what if Iyer forgets his steps

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update, Ep3024 28th October 2020: Tappu-Sena’s mind-blowing performance

The episode starts with Jethalal asking Iyer if he remembers all the dance steps. Bhide, Madhavi and Sonu come with an amazing performance, Popatlal says that all his tuition students will give him likes, on that Jethalal says that he will gift 100 Rupee for a like, Jethalal even tells Bhide that call his students and tell them that even if they liked their dance then they should not like his video.

Next, Garba dance is performed by, Dr Hati and Komal. Goli says that they put fire on the stage, Sodhi starts shouting fire.. fire.. fire on stage.., Mehta makes Sodhi understand that it was just a phrase, not real fire.

Jethalal asks Iyer if he is prepared and also tells him that let everyone dance, they will go in the end. Next comes Taarak Mehta and Anjali, after their Garba everyone compliments them, Babita says beautiful. Sodhi says that even Taarak Mehta is there so we should say handsome also, Mehta tries to explain Sodhi, Sodhi stops Mehta, saying that every time he tries to correct him and he doesn’t understand his jokes.

Next performance is by Sodhi and Roshan, after the dance the music stops but Sodhi is still dancing with enthusiasm, Bagha says that it was an amazing combination of Bhangra and Garba.

Tappu-Sena comes up with a mind-blowing performance, Jethalal once again asks if Iyer remember all the dance steps.

Precap: Popatlal and Babita complete their turn and next Jethalal and Iyer start with their Garba, Jethalal forgets his steps.

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