Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update S-01 Ep-3425 6th April 2022: Everyone gathers at popatlal’s house to tell Jethalal about Bapuji’s drinking habit but seeing Sodhi there Jethalal fights with Sodhi again.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah  Chashmah Written Update S-01 Ep-3425 6th April 2022: Jethalal fights with Sodhi

The episode starts as Bhide rushes to Taaraks house to inform Taarak that Jethalal is back from Nashik and insists Taarak to tell Jethalal the truth. Here, Jethalal is furious as Bapuji does not answer the call nor opens the door. Jethalal hurriedly comes to Taaraks house for extra house keys and on the way he asks Abdul if he saw Bapuji going out this morning, Abdul confirms that he did not see Chachaji going anywhere.

As Jethalal comes to Taarak house he sees Bhide there and asks him as he was going to his house to bring chalk then why is he here, but Bhide somehow rounds up the conversation and Jethalal taking the keys from Taarak goes to his house and he is accompanied with Taarak and Bhide to check chachaji’s condition. When Jethalal enters the room he sees Bapuji still asleep and wakes Chachaji. Chachaji wakes up panicking but Jethalal assures that everything is fine. And everyone asks Chachaji if he is fine because Chachaji never wakes up late. Then Chachaji starts jogging and exercises to convince everyone that he is fit and fine and with their conversation Bapuji declares that he might go out for dinner with his friends today as well and rushes in the bathroom.

Here, Taarak takes the chance and tells Jethalal to come to popatlal’s place but Jethalal denies but Taarak insists that popatlal’s condition is not good and we should explain to him therefore Jethalal is convinced. Bhide goes before them and calls all gents members at popatlal’s place. Jethalal later tells Taarak that if everyone is coming including Sodhi then he is not coming but Taarak assures that Sodhi is not coming. After everyone gathers at popatlal’s place, Jethalal notices Sodhi coming and Jethalal shouts at Bhide and Taarak for calling sodhi there and alleges Taarak for calling him here for making friendship with sodhi again and Jethalal and Sodhi gets in argument again. Everyone tries to calm both of them and Taarak tells Jethalal that he needs to understand that everything is not clear and simple the way we see from far but Jethalal is not in the mood to hear anything and keeps shouting on sodhi. Later Sodhi alleges Bapuji again for drinking alcohol yesterday as well and everyone supports Sodhi’s allegation as they have seen the video.

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