Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update S-01 Ep-3427 8th April 2022: Jethalal finds Bapuji’s alcohol smelling shirt in the room and is now confirmed that Bapuji has started doing Party-Sharty.

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah  Chashmah Written Update S-01 Ep-3427 8th April 2022: Jethalal questions Bapuji

In today’s episode, all gents wish Jethalal good luck and prepare to ask Bapuji about drinking habit. Jethalal goes home and all the gents wait at Taarak’s house. Jethalal opens the door and goes to bapuji’s room
and before entering the room he is confused about how to ask Bapuji about this habit. But Jethalal’s spirit tells Jethalal to be brave and question Bapuji about the incidents. Jethalal enters the room but Bapuji is not in the room and thinks where Bapuji might be meanwhile Jethalal inhale alcohol smell in the room and looks around in the room as to exactly from where the smell is coming and behind the television he finds Bapuji’s shirt which Bapuji wore the previous night while parting with his friends and then Jethalal is confirmed that Bapuji has started drinking alcohol.

Jethalal goes into the living room to ask Bapuji. Jethalal goes and straight away asks Bapuji that what is in the bag, Bapuji says that he is not magician that he will automatically come to know without looking in the bag but Jethalal hesitates to show what is there in the bag and lies that it is amla oil which he brought from Pune for them and tells Bapuji that he will apply to Bapuji later on. Then Jethalal politely asks Bapuji if there is any problem that they are facing or what is the reason they are doing to dinner nowadays, but Bapuji denies all the questions and does not tell the truth at all and then shouts on Jethalal and tells that he is already late and he wants to go somewhere when Jethalal asks where are they going Bapuji denies to tell and leaves.

Taarak receives a call from Jethalal and Jethalal tells everything whatever happened and then everyone goes to jethas house and asks Jethalal why he did not ask Bapuji? He tells them that he was not brave enough to question them and they are not answering and they left. Iyer blames Jethalal that he was not taking enough care of Bapuji that is the reason bapuji started drinking alcohol. Taarak asked where Bapuji went he told that Bapuji did not inform and he left and now everyone is thinking how should they remove truth from bapuji’s mouth and later sodhi proclaims that he will do this work and ask Bapuji about their drinking habit.

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