In today’s episode, Sodhi confirms to everyone that his plan will help them to know what is the exact reason behind chachaji’s drinking habit and Sodhi takes Jethalal separately to explain the plan. Meanwhile, other gents are wondering as to what is sodhi’s and will it be successful or turn into a disaster and everyone in the society especially ladies will come to know about chachaji’s habit. All gents wonder about the woman’s reaction to Chachaji and the scene is continued as Bhide and Madhavi talking to each other.

Bhide is roaming in the hall in tension and Madhavi asks what’s wrong and tells Bhide that if he did not tell the truth she will go and ask popatlal. Bhide stops her and tells her that it’s nothing about popatlal and shows her the video that popatlal showed Bhide and after seeing both the videos Madhvi is shocked completely and proclaims that she will never talk and see chachaji’s face again and tells bhide to share the video and Madhavi shows the video to all ladies and all of them are horrified by seeing chachaji’s this behaviour and are ashamed of them and decide not to talk to them. And after wondering they are worried that ladies should not come to know about the plan.

In the room, Sodhi explains the plan to Jethalal and tells him that he should have 2-3 sips of alcohol and by doing so he will gain confidence to ask questions to Bapuji but Jethalal denies. Later sodhi tells that if Chachaji sees Jethalal in this condition Chachaji would be worried and because of Jethalal Tapi will also start drinking and all upcoming Gada generation will start drinking and thinking so Jethalal drinks the alcohol.
Later, popatlal calls sodhi out and Sodhi opens the door and everyone asks where Jethalal and when Jethalal comes out they all are shocked as Jethalal is all drunk and cannot control himself and thinks how will he ask Chachaji and everyone shouts on Sodhi for such a bad plan and they hope that before Chachaji returns Jethalal should be proper and Sodhi thinks vice-versa and wants Jethalal to be in drunk condition till Bapuji comes so he can ask Bapuji questions.

Jethalal is doing full drama and cannot control his emotions towards Bapuji and all gents try to hide Jethalal so that he should not come in front of Bapuji and plan to hide him in popatlal’s house.