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In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, we see Arijit make a cunning plan against the Bhalla family and Raman.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 06 September 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Arijit plays a double game

Today’s episode of 06 September 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts as we see Sudha sharing her thoughts of Natasha and Sunil being faking and trying to still their happiness. Natasha comes and starts arguing with her she even shouts of Raman being her husband. Hearing her shout the neighbors gather around and Natasha runs out to get help from the neighbors and tells them that the Bhallas have kidnapped her husband and done some magic on him.

Ishita warns Natasha not to creating such drama, Sunil tells that that Natasha is under a big trauma, but Natasha disagrees and continues blaming the Bhallas. We also see Raman locking himself up in the room. Yug, Karan, and others bang open the door. Raman is fed up with all this and thinks that it would be better if he had died, but his members try to console and pacify him. Sunil shares his plan of befriending the Bhallas and then takes advantage to get the hair sample for the DNA test. Natasha likes his plan and tells him to go ahead with it.

Sunil goes to the Bhallas and convinces Raman to come with him to Natasha as she is not eating the medicine due to everything that is happening. At first, Raman denies to go but Ishita tells him to go. Raman goes to Natasha with Sunil and tells her to take the medicine she happily thanks him and hugs him. Raman pushes her away, shouts at her and goes away. After he leaves Natasha shows Sunil the hair she grabbed from Raman while hugging. She puts it in the cover to get the DNA test done.

Raman gets back home angrily and tells the family member. Listening to all this everyone gets angry about Natasha and her behavior and plan to kick her out of the house, but Ishita calms them down and tells them the reason why they cannot do anything violent towards her. And also apologizes to Raman for sending him to Natasha.

Arijit meets with Sunil who hands him over the hair sample. They take it Patil’s clinic for the test. Arijit asks him to get the results early and he will pay him more for it. After they come back, Arijit privately calls Patil and asks him to compromise with the report and mention that the DNA belongs to Shardul Sinha and not Raman.

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