Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 June 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Sahil is not out of the jail but his wife, Hetal plans to put him back in.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 June 2019 Written Update Full Episode: Sahil out of the jail

Today’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 June episode begins with Mani, Ruhi, Yug, Karan and Aaliya returning home. Ruhi said to not tell anything to Dadi and Dadu. Simmi asked where was Ishita (Divyanak Tripathi) and if she got a clean chit or not. Mani said there was good news, Manish got ready to give statement in Ishita’s favour and she will get free. Simmi said to not come in, mumma was waiting for Ishita. Neha was clever, she was creating a drama. Yug got angry. Aaliya asked what her problem was. Simmi asked Yug and Aaliya to stay at Iyer house. She asked Ruhi and Karan to enter the house with Mani after some time, as if they went for some meeting. Mani said yes. Ishita asked Manish why he was ruining his life by lying and why was he saving Sahil. Manish asked if he give his statement without interruption.

She said don’t get scared of Sahil. Judge said don’t say in between. Manish said Shamshad and he ran this business, Sahil was innocent. Judge said Ishita is Ishita Bhalla, she can get bail, all the charges on her were dismissed, Manish and Shamshad were involved in this case, they will be kept in custody and punished for the crime. Lawyer asked him to accept Sahil’s bail. Judge said there was no proof against Sahil, he can get bail. He asked commissioner to take Manish’s sign on his statement. Padma asked why he took big blame on himself. Manish said she wanted him to support Ishita. He was taken away. Padma cried. She got angry on Ishita and said she should have not helped her; she had put Manish in trouble. Ishita said sorry.

Commissioner said Ishita was free now, Manish was going to give them docs, and they have to get proof against Manish and Shamshad. She said but Sahil will get saved. He said yes, but court wanted evidence else he was free to go. Hetal said Mrs. Bhalla had the soup. Manish asked Yug about the locality project. Yug said it wasgoing good. Raman and Ishita came home. Ishita said she got a clean chit that she was Ishita Bhalla and not Shaina Shah. Everyone smiled. Aaliya asked Hetal to serve dinner. Commissioner said to Manish that he will give a chance to save his life, change his statement, Sahil will not help him. Manish said if he went against Sahil, he will kill his family, he won’t take his statement back. Commissioner said he will give him protection. Manish said none can save him from Sahil.

Mihika asked Hetal to get sweets for everyone. Ruhi said Ishita and Raman were behaving weird. Ruhi asked Hetal to take Mrs. Bhalla to room. Mihika asked Raman and Ishita to rest. Commissioner said to Sahil that Manish took blames on himself, he was free.Sahil said he had many loyal men who will take all his crimes blames on themselves. He left.

Ishita and everyone talked. Ruhi said Sahil will create troubles for them. Raman (Karan Patel) said they have to prove that Sahil had done this. Ishita said if that person knew Manish, he will know Sahil too, they could have helped Manish, how to find out that person. It was morning; Ishita saw Raman and asked what happened. He said Sahil was released from jail, they were back to square 1, commissioner was asking us to be careful. She said at least they got a clean chit, police knew she was Ishita, Ruhi was free of that blame. Simmi asked Hetal is the food ready. Hetal said yes. Ishita said don’t talk all this in front of mummy. She went to check at the door. The grocery vendor delivered the items and said Hetal gave this list. She thanked him. She saw the list. Mihika asked her to have breakfast. Ishita asked her to take items. She ran to the room. Simmi asked what happened. Ishita asked Raman for the note. He said he had it, what happened. She checked and saw how can this happen. She asked Hetal did she get items from the grocery shop. Hetal said yes. Ishita asked how she knew Sahil Shah. Hetal asked which letter. Ishita said she wrote this, handwritings are matching in both of this, Sahil planted her here.

Raman said just think, if Sahil sent her, why would she give them Manish’s mum’s number, what’s the matter Hetal. Ishita and Simmi ask Hetal to answer. Raman said you were right, call Sahil, he will tell us. Hetal said no, he will beat her again. Ishita asked why, what was her relation with him. Hetal said she is Sahil’s wife Shaina Shah. They got shocked. Sahil came home. He saw his goons passing time and playing cards. Munna said he was glad to see him. Sahil slapped him and scolded them. Munna said Raman and Ishita did this, she was in jail so he didn’t have eye on her house. Sahil said they did stupidity, it was for good Manish took blames on himself but how did he get ready to give statement for Raman and Ishita. Munna asked what he confessed. Sahil said that was why he was there, he was not like them all, and who was informing Raman and Ishita. Munna said he will find out. Sahil said who was supporting Raman and Ishita.

Aaliya said Neha shouldn’t know this. Ruhi said she had gone to temple with Amma. Hetal said that she was an unfortunate woman Shaina Shah. Ishita said to Hetal totell her truth. They will support her. Hetal said it was true, she was Shaina Shah, this is the truth of her life, it was her bad fate that she got married to that man. She swore on Mata Rani and said she was Shaina Shah, she didn’t know how she came to her house, no one had sent her there but she wanted to help them all against Sahil. The written update of 13 June 2019 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode full story ends here.

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, watch Hetal gets to work to help Raman and Ishita and Sahil pays a constable to know Raman’s plan. Stay tuned!

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