Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 July 2019 Written Update of today’s episode we see how Kartik tells Vedika that he doesn't want to marry her and Naira sees Kartik and Vedika together.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 July 2019 Written Update Full Episode

Naira (Shivangi Joshi) decorating her stall in the Carnival. She asked her friend to take care of her stall while she went to meet Kairav’s fake dad. Her friend asked her not to worry about the stall, since everyone knew her well. Naira thought Kairav was at the school right now and she could sort the issues with the stranger before Kairav came back. Naira wanted to meet the stranger alone, without Kairav. Kartik (Mohsin Khan) arrived in the exhibition with Vedika. He helped Vedika and carried all the stuff. He wanted to finish Vedika’s work soon so that he could go and meet Kairav’s mum. Naira reminisced the moments spent with Kartik. He wanted to clear the misunderstandings with Kairav’s mum. He also missed Naira a lot.

Dadi informed Suwarna that Kartik was with Vedika at her stall. He got busy in her work. A goon saw Dadi and lied to the security that he was with Goenkas. Kartik and Naira decorated their stalls. They saw a couple performing on the stage. They missed each other and smiled while watching the performance. Kartik went to help Naira unknowingly. The fortune teller saw Kartik picking the fallen cards. He picked one card. The fortune teller told him that his future was bright, his hopes were revived, he would get the dear person he lost, who was back in his life again. Kartik got confused and wished to get Naira back. Kartik and Vedika had a moment and ate a cake. Kartik identified Naira’s handmade cake and went to the stall to see her. He saw Naira’s friend there and got mistaken. He thought Naira couldn’t be alive.

He felt Naira’s presence and wondered why it was happening. Naira told her friend that she would meet the stranger. She praised Kartik’s looks in front of her friend. She didn’t tell much about him. Naira missed Kartik. Dadi asked Kartik not to think of Naira and moved on. Kartik told Dadi that he couldn’t give Naira’s place to Vedika, who was just his responsibility.

He asked Dadi not to have any wrong hopes, he would never marry Vedika, he ilwas living happily just for the sake of his family. He cleared Dadi’s expectations. Vedika overheard them and got depressed. She realized that Kartik hadn’t come to Goa for her. Kairav reached Naira’s stall. She thought he would ask for his dad again. Kairav asked Naira if she met his dad. Naira told him that his dad was very busy right now. Naira lied to Kairav and fekt guilty. She thought she couldn’t make Kairav meet Kartik ever. Kairav went to play. He collided with Dadi. Kartik looked for Vedika and wanted to apologize for hurting her. Kairav misunderstood Dadi and told the people that she was stealing him to sell him to some goons. Dadi cleared his misconception and askes him why he was shouting.

She told the people that she had come to be a part of the event, she wasn’t after the little kid. Kartik found Vedika. She askes him not to feel guilty, she wasn’t obsessed with him, she was just wishing to marry him, but only if he wanted to as well. She asked him not to worry for her. She wanted to befriend him, as friendship was better than their alliance. Kartik accepted her friendship. Dadi got furious when Kairav doubted on her. Dadi shouted at Kartik to get help. Kartik rushed to Dadi. Kairav went from there. Dadi told him about the little kid, who accuses her. Naira saw Kartik with Vedika and got upset.

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