In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 14th March 2020 episode, Kartik and Naira show the video to Goenka’s. They get disgusted and Dadi salps Luv-Kush. Jhaveri accepts his mistakes and gets the 3 boys arrested.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 14th March 2020: Trisha gets Justice

The episode begins with Jhaveri saying the court needs proof. He says maybe the entire family is plotting against him and as he ended the Trisha case despite knowing molestation happened, he can end this case as well. Kartik and Naira laugh and say they couldn’t control. They say they have 2 more chips like the one Jhaveri destroyed. Dadi asks Naira to send kids in but she says, they should also know to know the difference between right and wrong and the outcome of wrong. Manish and Dadi ask what it is and they say it’s the video of Trisha’s molestation. Kartik says to end the case Jhaveri destroyed the chip and pushed Naira in the pit, but truth doesn’t stay hidden. Nair says a lie can cover the truth for a while but not forever. They play the video and say they are showing the video just to show Luv, Kush and Abhishek’s low level. Kairav and Vansh get scared and hug the elders while watching the video. They are sent in and the video continues. Luv asks them to stop and says they did a huge mistake.

Naira stops the video and Kartik says they should go and die, did they learn such values in the family, school and college. He says the poor girl pleaded so much, are you, humans or devils. Everybody cries seeing the video. Naira asks them did they feel anything. Akhilesh asks Naira to stop. Kartik says to him that he should feel bad for Trisha as well as these shameless guys. Naira says that we felt they were kids and punishment would ruin their lives, but their lives are already ruined. Kartik says he wouldn’t have believed without seeing it. He says they also have sisters, what would they feel if somebody did the same thing to them, wouldn’t they feel angry. Naira asks why do we hide such things. Kartik says Naira didn’t change her stand, we changed always, think Kairav also got affected by their bad thinking, Kairav thinks boys are superior to girls and boys can do anything, he can do anything and his Dadu will save him, do we want to raise him like this. Naira says it hurts a lot when ladies support such wrong, what’s the difference in Mansi and Trisha, Mansi is Goenka and Trisha isn’t, we should have taught our family boys that it’s wrong, they will get punished if they do such things, we tried to save them and hired a bad lawyer for them and are ready to sacrifice any girl for their sake.

Surekha asks Naira to stop. Luv-Kush apologizes and promises to never do it again. Dadi salps them and Akhilesh says this should have happened way earlier. Manish tells them that he is ashamed to call them his blood. Akhilesh says he hates himself that they are his sons. Dadi says we all are wrong. Suwarna says we neglect the boys’ mischief and then it turns into crimes. Samarth says yes, we find this behaviour normal. Gayu says that’s the difference, it’s common but not normal. Kartik says the girl’s voice is suppressed, this happened with Naira also, when she told about Lav and Kush, she had to leave her house and child. Naira says we can’t be scared always, maybe my voice reaches some parent who teaches their sons to respect girls, we don’t have to give up, we have to become responsible, there won’t be any Nirbhaya or Trisha.

Kartik and Naira slap Abhishek. Javeri says leave him, I will do it. Naira asks why you are hurt. Kartik says think how did we feel what they did with Trisha. Naira says Kartik met with an accident, he isn’t able to walk. Kartik says Naira could have died if kids didn’t see her. Naira says you get justice this way, you are misusing your work, did you think of anyone else. Kartik asks how did you raise your son, he will become like you. Manish and Akhilesh say we will call the police. Javeri slaps Abhishek. He says none will call the police, I will call them, you both are right, just planting trees won’t clean the atmosphere, we should raise plants well, we didn’t raise kids well, so they are bad for the society, I m sorry and ashamed, I got Kartik’s accident done, I tried to kill Naira and end the proof, I accused Trisha, forgive me. He calls the police. Javeri tells everything to the inspector.

Luv, Kush and Abhishek get arrested. Javeri apologizes to Trisha and says you are lucky to get a Didi like Naira, she got you justice and opened my eyes too. They leave. Manish says sorry and thanks would be less to say. Naira says it is not needed, we got justice for Trisha. Samarth says Luv and Kush are minor, we should go. Akhilesh and Samarth leave. Kairav says we have to go back to Naksh’s house but Vansh says no. Kairav asks can we come back home and looks at Naira and Kartik. They don’t answer so he says we will meet in school, Vansh. He asks Naksh to take him home. Naira says we will go to Naksh’s house during vacations. Kairav hugs Vansh and Kartik holds Naira’s hand.

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