In Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 19th March 2020 episode, Kartik gets a letter from Leela which says their daughter is alive. Kartik decides to fast along with Naira. He hires a detective to find the man whose photo was in the envelope.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update 19th March 2020: Kartik hires a detective

The episode begins with Naira telling Kartik she doesn’t want any hope or doubt. Karti cries and later Naira realises that it is painful for Kartik as well. She calls him but he doesn’t answer. Suvarna asks Naira to see jewellery and clothes. Suvarna shows a necklace and Naira has a dream that Kartik putting it around her neck. Samarth asks Vansh to not sit in Gayu’s lap but Gayu said she made him sit. Samarth says he weighs too much. Vansh cries and runs away. Kairav follows him while everybody looks on. Meanwhile, Kartik goes to Leela’s house. Vansh cries and says his father is bad. Gayu feels bad for Vansh. Kartik receives a letter from Leela via her son.

At Goenka’s asks Samarth about his behaviour. Naira says Gayu will go to her mother’s place for delivery as staying here, Vansh will hate Samarth. Samarth understands his mistake. Kartik drives fast and has a dream where Naira reads the letter and gets shocked. Eventually, Kartik learns that his daughter is alive and Leela had given it to someone else. He finds a photograph in the envelope. He decides he will tell Naira after finding his daughter.

Kartik decides he will fast along with Naira for Gangaur festival. He hires a detective and tells him not to let Manish know. Manish spots Kartik restless but Kartik says he is thinking about what gift to buy for Naira for Gangaur. Dadi feels a little restless. Meanwhile, in the morning, Kartik decides he should act normal or else Naira will doubt. Kartik lies of going to the factory and meets the detective and he tells Kartik that his daughter is alive. Kartik asks him to find her whereabouts. Elsewhere, Naira meets a woman named Rama and says she needs a favour and it’s about a baby and will affect all relations.

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