In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 13th March 2020 episode Nanu advises Abir to be sweet to Mishti. Rajshri tells Mishti she trusts her. Abir and Kuhu surprise each other and end their differences.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 13th March 2020: Abir and Mishti end their differences

The episode begins with Kunal telling Kuhu that with the anniversary program and logo launch of the company Kuhu has the perfect chance to show her Kuhuness. Mishti gets a call and she leaves. Nanu asks Abir what is wrong. He says there is always drama in this house. Nanu says he won’t come in his words and asks him if he fought with Mishti. Abir says they have difference of opinion. Nanu says there should be a difference in opinion, he and his wife also had but he showed an attitude to his wife. But he advises Abir not to do that mistake, rather he should talk sweetly to Mishti and resolve the issue. Abir thanks Nanu. Meanwhile, Kunal scolds the Sukhiram and Nidhi says maybe he thinks Parul is also a servant. Kuhu takes her away. Abir asks why did he come, he says to apologize. Nanu takes him to Parul to apologize. Kunal says fire him from work. Abir says if anyone sees the situation, he will think that Parul is a servant.

Mishti meets Rajshri and Varsha. They ask if everything is fine between her and Kuhu and Mishti says yes. Varsha asks Mishti if she doubts Kuhu because she didn’t take her side. Rajshri says how could Mishti say that, if she supported Kuhu, it would mean that she is pointing on others. Varsha apologizes and leaves as Jasmeet calls her. Rajshri asks what’s going on and she says all is well. Rajshri says things change after marriage but you can’t hide anything from me. Mishti says she wants to know the truth and Abir wants to maintain peace. Rajshri says Abir let it go and Kunal and Meenakshi gave you the company because they love you. Kuhu goes to Meenakshi and helps her chose the saree and jewellery for the inauguration. Kuhu apologizes for calling her dragon saas and says she doesn’t know who added bhaang to golgappas. Meenakshi says as we let go the spiked coffee thing, let this also go. Kunal asks Abir what he should do as he loves Meenakshi. Abir says don’t hate her but don’t snatch away Parul’s right as she is your birth mother.

Kunal passes by and Meenakshi says should she punish Kuhu for misbehaving. Kunal says yes. Kuhu says she has called a camera team who will record the inauguration ceremony, shoot a family video and will post behind the scenes fun on the internet. Kunal approves the idea but Kuhu says its Mishti’s company. Meenakshi says she will talk to Mishti. Abir keeps a message for Mishti on the table. She reads and smiles and finds more of those. She writes one herself and keeps it in the kitchen. She calls Abir tot he same place where he identified her as jhumkewali.

Parul gets burnt and Meenakshi applies cream and says the person who goes towards fire isn’t safe from fire. Parul says she spoke on Kuhu’s behalf so that Kuhu and Mishti don’t fight. Meenakshi says she was referring her wound. She adds that until she is here she won’t let relations break. She tells Parul to get all arrangements done before guests arrive. Abir goes to Mishti. She drops flowers on him. He holds his ears to say sorry. She recites his poetry. He smiles. She slips and falls down and he holds her in his arms. She completes the poetry. She gives him a mug cake and a rose. They smile.

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