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In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 16th March 2020 episode, Meenakshi leaves angrily and Maheshwari’s are shocked to know the truth. Abir and Mishti are happy for Parul.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 16th March 2020: Meenakshi gets angry

The episode begins with reporters questioning Meenakshi about hiding Kunal not being her son. Maheshwari’s are shocked and are unable to answer the reporters. Mishti asks them to back off and Meenakshi leaves. Kuhu apologizes to Meenakshi but she blames her for backstabbing even after she accepting Mishti and her as daughters. Kuhu says her family wasn’t aware of Parul and Kunal’s relation. Meenakshi says is it Mishti then and Kuhu says Mishti doesn’t discuss anything with her and eventually they both think it was Mishti. Mishti adds Kunal is her son and she is her only mother in law. Meenakshi leaves angrily after saying all these things are just to make her feel good, nothing else.

Mishti asks Abir in their room that he should have informed her about Parul cutting the ribbon. Abir says even he wasn’t aware but she refuses to believe. Mishti hugs Abir saying Parul finally got her right. Jasmeet hears their conversation. Mishti is worried about Maheshwari’s as they didn’t know the truth but Abir says he is sure they will be fine. On the other hand, Shaurya tells Kunal that he should have told them beforehand. Nanu says it was Meenakshi and his decision to not tell. Kunal says he himself needed time to accept the truth to which Vishambernath says that its good that the truth is out but it shouldn’t have come out in this manner.

Kuhu tells Kunal that Meenakshi left crying and so Vishambernath advises him to go see her. Shaurya asks Nanu that they should have known everything. Vishambernath asks Nanu to tell everything. Meanwhile, Abir tells Mishti that he is worried about Meenakshi’s reaction but she tells him not to be negative. He says he is worried about her Big Ben mode. Mishti says she should have been informed and prepared. Abir says Meenakshi would have manipulated Parul or done something or the other to stop Parul from cutting the ribbon. Mishti agrees.

Jasmeet tells Kuhu she should have gone with Kunal but Kuhu says Meenakshi is upset and thinks Mishti did all of it. Jasmeet says Mishti is the one behind all this mess. She bashes Mishti but stops after seeing Varsha. Varsha confronts Kuhu abut the truth and Kuhu says she knew it but she and Kunal needed time to accept the fact. Jasmeet blames Mishti but Varsha says it is more important that Kuhu is with Meenakshi at the moment.

Meenakshi recalls the incident and is about to fall but Kunal holds her and says she is his mother but she denies. He says she has always been his mother and she shouldn’t behave like this. She replies saying it is nothing in comparison to his behaviour at the inauguration. She says he should have informed her about Parul inaugurating the logo. She adds that she never treated Parul like a servant but she herself took the responsibilities. Kunal explains that he himself didn’t know he would do it, but did that after having a word with Abir & Mishti. She says it doesn’t matter, he left her alone and asks him to leave. Meenakshi cries and gets angry with Mishti.

Mishti brings Parul inside and says its a special day. Parul says she never thought this day would come and gives the credit to Abir and Mishti. But Mishti says it is Kunal who did it. Kuhu sees them and glares at Mishti. Nanu asks Kuhu to accompany him to the temple to talk to Meenakshi. Parul asks Mishti to apologize on her behalf to Maheshwari’s. Ketaki shows them that their video has got a million views and they get happy.

Nanu explains Meenakshi that it’s her biggest victory today as it is her upbringing that made Kunal do the thing and Kunal needs her and nobody can deny the truth. He asks her to go to Kunal and Meenakshi walks away. Back at home, Parul tells Kunal she got everything in the house but always wished that he calls her mother and he fulfiled that wish and so she wants nothing else. Kunal hugs her while she cries. She thanks Kunal while Abir and Mishti smile. Mishti asks Kunal and Parul to smile and clicks a picture and just then Meenakshi comes.

While Meenakshi is in the balcony, Abir goes there but she thinks its Kunal and asks him to leave. When she sees Abir, she says he gave her real pain and how did he dare to reveal the truth without her consent. They argue about Mehul, Meenakshi not considering Parul her equal and Abir says she has to accept the truth and leaves. Meenakshi says that Abir wants to know the truth so she will reveal Mishti and Kuhu’s truth and then see how he accepts it.

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