In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke written update 17th March 2020 episode, Kunal and Kuhu, as well as, Mishti and Abir argue. Parul asks Abir to support Mishti. Meenakshi shocks the family by wearing servants attire.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Episode Update 17th March 2020: Abir and Mishti argue

The episode begins with Mishti entering her room and finds it scattered by Kuhu. Kuhu tells Mishti that she suddenly became the owner and made Kuhu a maids daughter in law. She says she returned the company to seem great in front of the family. She thanks Mishti for ruining her life and warns her to stay out of her life. Mishti thinks Kuhu spoiled a good day. Meanwhile, Kunal feeds Meenakshi and tries to cheer her, but she gets sad after seeing the newspaper. Kunal inquires what happened and Nidhi says Parul became heroine today and Meenakshi just standing aside.

Abir enters the room and Mishti speaks about Kuhu’s behaviour and he says that Kuhu and Kunal are childish. He asks Mishti to be more patient. They argue and Abir leaves. Kunal sees Kuhu putting a bandage on her wounds and inquires. She tells him that he shouldn’t care as he didn’t inform her about the inauguration. He tries to explain but she blames Mishti. Kunal says he spoke to Abir about the inauguration and with Mishti about her parents. Kuhu says he could have spoken to her as well and eventually blames Mishti. They argue and Kunal lies on sofa frustrated.

Abir paints and Parul asks what is wrong but he lies. She says that she knew everything would be ruined after the truth is revealed but Abir rubbishes it. Parul tells him not to lie and go support Mishti. Mishti sees Jugnu carrying blankets to the roof and he tells her Abir asked for it. Mishti goes to bed and as Abir enters she pretends to sleep. Abir thinks to talk to her but again thinks why he should always be the first one to initiate. Both eventually fall asleep. Next morning they fix everything.

Varsha doesn’t eat anything and Jasmeet says that Mishti might throw Kuhu out of the house. Vishambernath says Kunal and Abir are very close but Jasmeet says Kunal doesn’t belong to the family. As Varsha hears this Rajshri says, Abir will do anything to keep the family united. In the morning, the Rajvansh family sit for breakfast and Kunal asks for breakfast and Mishti says she will make it. Kuhu says she will make it but Kunal asks Mishti to make it. Kunal sees Parul and everybody gets shocked to see Meenakshi is servants attire.

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