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Irrfan Khan's journey to Bollywood

Irrfan Khan’s Journey from Theatre to Bollywood

There is no doubt that Indian theatre is a gold mine of talent. This is where up and coming artists fine-tune their skills and showcase their artistry.

Some of the greatest actors who later made it big in mainstream cinema have started their journey with theatre itself.

In fact, some of your favorite Bollywood stars began their career as theatre artists. And while Bollywood is more about glitz and glamour than actual talent, we are so grateful to theatre for gifting us with some of the most amazing stage actors that Bollywood has seen over the years.

And one of those famous actors who started his journey with theatre is Irrfan Khan.

Back in 1984, Irrfan bagged a scholarship at NSD and from there, he relied on television and theatre to make ends meet. Irrfan, however, is far off from the Khan brigade and still wants to look for depth of content in a film and not commercial projects.

He is an actor who amazes us everytime he is seen on the screen. But it wasn’t a smooth journey for Irrfan Khan.

After graduating, he received a scholarship at the National School of Drama (NSD) in New Delhi. He later moved to Mumbai and did small gigs on television as well as theatre before making it big.

He has struggled a lot to come this far.

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