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Neha Saxena talks about her home and its interiors…

She is pretty & petite, her oceanic eyes hypnotize, turning her fans into fanatics.

Talented, intelligent and sexy, Neha Saxena is a girl who apt describes the phrase, ‘beauty with brains’.

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Neha is someone who believes in balancing work and life and finds peace spending time in her cosy corner at her well decked up home.

The beautiful belle has been part of shows like Nach Baliye (with better half Shakti Arora), Tere Liye, Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, Amita Ka Amit among others.

In a candid chat with IndianWikiMedia, Neha talks about her home sweet home. Excerpts:

Your treasured corner in your home – the preferred space?

That would be my bedroom, I am comfortable there. When I am at home I am in my lazy zone, so I like to sit on my bean bag, read a book, simply relax and chill.

Which is your favourite wall in your home and why?

That again would be the wall in my bedroom, I love it and have a certain kind of emotional attachment to it.

Do the walls in your home reflect your personality? 

Absolutely, it does. It’s very subtle to the eye and on the wall behind my bed I have kept some favourite pictures of mine. So yes, my walls are pretty much like me.

Would you like your Portrait Wallcovering? Is there a wall in your house, where you would like your Portrait?

That would be nice and lovely. That’s exactly what I aim to do. I want to frame a memory on my wall and that would again be in my bedroom. I hope I get it done soon (smiles).

How often do you throw parties at your place? I am sure you would be wearing new outfits for every party… what about your walls?  

I am not really a party kind of person but gradually I am trying to get out of my introvert zone and mingle and socialize more. And for my walls, I feel from now on will pay more attention and deck it up more regularly.

Home is where the heart is…your comments? So tell us about your sweet home?

Home is the sweetest place of all, there is no doubt about it. We shoot round the clock and often stay out of Mumbai for many days for outdoor shoots, hence I crave to get back to my cosy corner and relax. My native place is in Andhra, so that’s where I love to visit and look forward to be there as often as possible.

 70% of the walls across the world are dressed with Wallcoverings. What would you like on your home’s walls?

Well, that’s an interesting insight. Well, I would like to get something which would define me, well… can’t think of anything immediately, but yes, something which would be stylish and appealing.

Wallcoverings help in creating a new look, a wow element, add drama and make a statement every time…do you have one at home?

Unfortunately, not one till now. But I am getting one soon and planning for the same.

If one wall in your house had to be changed…what would you put there?

As I mentioned, it would be moments and memories from my life. I just did the décor of my house and once you get the right feel, you tend to enjoy living there more.

Which is your favorite destination in the world? What if we could bring your favorite place to your home permanently on your wall?

That’s cool, and yes, my favourite destinations are Greece and Iceland.

There you go, now you have a little sneak peek into starlet Neha’s home.

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