Read to know why Jannat Zubair is a fashion icon

5 Reasons Why Jannat Zubair Is A Fashion Icon

The digital world is echoing with this one name, Jannat Zubair, for her fashion and acting masteries in several TV shows and music videos. She is one of the most followed fashion divas by the youth of the country. She looks absolutely perfect in everything she wears, moreover the kind of versatile updos she brings within her outfits is love!

Today, we at IWMBuzz, are up with 5 reasons which are why Jannat Zubair is known to be a fashion icon.

1. She is trendy- No matter what season or what era we are in, Jannat Zubair always makes herself up to date with the trend and seasonal outfits, she is extremely trendy and relevant.

2. She is Versatile- We have never seen Jannat is just one kind of a style, she always temps us her style and outfit, she is dynamic with her choices, from traditional to casual to street style to fusion to ethnic to western, Jannat looks drop-dead gorgeous

3. Colour choices- Jannat Zubair aptly chooses her colours, it seems she knows what’s her forever colour, and which would suit her the most. She looks lovely in them, for sure. Moreover, the way she plays with colour contrasts is absolutely commendable.

4. She is an all-rounder- From small screen to big screen to the digital world, she has gained the foothold as an actress. She is a social media influencer as well, and of course one of the coolest fashion bloggers.

5. She is a true motivation for the youth- Her success story is a true motivation for the youth of the country. She is extremely successful at a young age and has inspired so many.

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