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For an actor, it’s very important to read: Gopal Dutt

Gopal Dutt is not gregarious or gorgeous, yet has a subtle veneer of sophistication and intelligence which commands respect and admiration. An actor par excellence, with a notable body of work, Gopal is eager to spread his wings of performance repertoire, and this time, he is keen to go all dark and psycho on screen. Learn the talented man’s life journey and areas of interest in an exclusive chat with Excerpts:

Welcome to… So tell us…did you always want to be a comic actor?

Well, I have always wanted to be an actor. Comedy is easy for me so I have been exploring the same. Now, I would want to explore other genres as well. I will be choosy with the roles that I would be taking up in the future. I will take up a comic character only if I feel it has great writing and a storyline. Or else, I am very keen to experiment.

Your ability and appearance is comparatively unique and quirky…would you consider it to be a boon or bane?

(smiles) The characters that I have played in my career have always demanded a certain kind of quirkiness. It was needed for the role to  look more appealing. I feel quirkiness made the characters look more interesting.

Let’s talk about Pitchers… how did you visualize the portrayal of your character?

I did what Director Amit Golani aka Golu narrated to me. The director loved my initial enactment and he was the first audience so I was confident that audience too will enjoy the part. While rehearsing I often visualized the mannerisms and tried my best to enact with finesse in front of the camera. I am glad that viewers liked my character.

I feel an actor should have connect with literature. I read new books, works of writers which help me evolve as an actor. I think reading is important for an actor

Interesting…so what is your preferred medium of portrayal: web, TV, films or theater?

I give content the utmost priority. The medium never mattered to me. If the content and storyline is amazing and I have a meaty role than I am part of the project. Creative satisfaction is key, always.

Tell us a bit about your journey so far…in a nutshell…

I was born and brought up in Nainital, I decided to act when I was in the 11th grade. I started performing in theatre in Nainital then went to National School of Drama. Post Diploma, I shifted to Mumbai and worked in theatre with renowned directors. I bagged various projects which include movies, TV and web-series. Overall, it’s an amazing journey.

Which has been your most fun project to work with till now…

My favourite project was Filmistaan. After that it would be TVF Bachelors season 1 & 2. I really like TVF and enjoy their work. They create amazing content for the viewers.

Discovery Jeet and the comedy show you were a part of did not open to a great response. Do you think comedy on television lacks the necessary ticklish element?

I have no idea about it. I can’t talk too much as it was my first TV project. I, myself, don’t watch TV and have no cable connection at home. There are a number of people involved in making a TV show. I am a very small part of it, so I can’t really speak on it.

Define acting in one word..


Do you feel that web entertainment will eventually take over television and theater models of content consumption?

I would say web is growing fast and its reaching small villages too. I have no analytical power, so can’t state the exact number, but I think people are watching web as today’s generation is constantly on phone. Web will be the next big thing.

How do you keep yourself updated as a performer? How do you evolve in your art of acting?

I feel an actor should have connect with literature. I read new books, works of writers which help me evolve as an actor. I think reading is important for an actor.

Any actor you look up to?

There is a long list. I would say whoever is doing great work is my inspiration.

When not busy working…how do you unwind?

Travelling is my hobby. When I was entering theatre space, I was told that in this profession you will get to travel free and I was really happy about it.

Any final thoughts for your fans…

I would want to tell them that I will be trying new stuff in future. I would love to do a role of a psychopath as I would want to explore the darker side of my acting talent.

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