Amit Singh Thakur who essays the role of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel in ZEE5’s Khaar talks about his role and the series.

I am glad to have played a part of history as Sardar in ZEE5’s web-series, Khaar: Amit Singh Thakur

Amit Singh Thakur plays the role of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Surendra Rajan plays Mahatma Gandhi, while Sanjay Gurbaxani essays the role of Nehru with Tarakesh Chauhan playing Maulana Azad.

Says Thakur, “Playing Sardar felt like reality, as I believed that I am Sardar (smiles). It was a nice experience overall. I researched a lot on Sardar. I found through my research about him being a great orator. He used to say his lines taking pauses, and never used to say a sentence without a pause. I incorporated this style in my talk. I loosened up myself with respect to my posture. I also inculcated Gujarati dialect, as I found out that he had that accent in his speeches. Our Director gave me a free hand and allowed me to put in my inputs. The idea was that even if I was not looking like the Sardar, my dialogue delivery will be closer to how he used to say them.”

“Sardar was very close to Bapu. The best part was that Sardar did all the researches for Bapu, went to all the villages. Since Sardar was from Gujarat, he went to the villages there and told them about Gandhi’s philosophies,” adds Thakur.

“ZEE5 has done a great job with the promotion of this series. The younger generation does not have complete knowledge of our history. Hence this platform is giving them a good overview of the Dandi March. I am glad to have played a part from history. For me, I am part of history on the digital world,” he avers.

Amit Singh Thakur is open for good work on the digital front.

We wish him luck!!

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