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Mona Singh who plays the role of Ananya in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 gets into an exclusive conversation with

Ananya in Season 3 of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is completely opposite to my personality: Mona Singh

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain the ALTBalaji series has kept us hooked to its storyline for three years now.

Season 3 of the hugely popular series has seen a huge turnaround in its characters, and Mona Singh who plays the role of Ananya has proved her mettle once again with her completely different avatar.

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In an exclusive conversation with, Mona Singh talks about the radical change in her character, on the new season and on the appreciation she has been getting for this prized role.


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Congrats on the third season. Every time we think there is not much of a story to come, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain surprises us with so many twists!! 

Thank you for liking it.

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Ananya in her new avatar looks all the more stunning in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3. 

Love is the strongest emotion in life; it changes you into a person you never thought to be and that is what has happened to Ananya. When she found out that Rohit cheated on her, she left him and moved to Qatar. She is now a very successful interior designer and architect. However, there is something in her that has stopped her from moving on. She does not believe in love anymore. She has gotten more strong-minded and has a son. But she has not been able to love her son as she feels that by loving him, he will also go away from her. So this is Ananya now, and people have been loving her (smiles).

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The Season 3 episodes as of now have ended in Ananya walking into a male’s house and accepting his love. That has left us wondering if it is Harry or Rohit.

Well, yes, it is too funny, the point at which the episodes have ended as of now. I have been asked by many, as to whose doorstep I am standing at… You need to figure out that (laughs)

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How was it to play this totally opposite Ananya in Season 3? We have been so used to seeing her full of life in the earlier two editions.

True, this Ananya you see is completely opposite to my personality. I remember when we met for narration and workshop, I loved what we were getting into. This is a complete turnaround for Ananya. She has hardened up in life. It has been challenging to truthfully accept the imaginary changes happening around the character. I love kids and I am a hardcore lover. I am a person who keeps smiling for no reason at all. And for me to play Ananya in Season 3 was a bit challenging. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ananya in Season 3 of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is completely opposite to my personality: Mona Singh 2

Truly, my heart pained when I saw Ananya not caring for that cute little kid of hers!!

Aww!! So true!! He’s such a cute kid to not be loved. We used to keep pulling his cheeks on the set. As I said, I love kids and enjoyed being with this little one.

What have been your learnings from playing Ananya?

My learning from Season 1 and 2 has been emotional and beautiful. It is too important to be honest and loyal in the kind of relationship you are in. One needs to prioritise life and give importance to people who matter. This is so opposite for Ananya. She was love-locked with Rohit and he was always her first priority. But when he betrayed her, she decided to love herself and move on. In life, I believe that if you have fallen out of love, there is no point in cheating and going through infidelity. It is important to address the issue and move on.

There are a lot of people who are simply suffering by hanging in with their marriage only because of their kid. In this case, they tend to stop thinking about themselves and fail to love themselves. We have got only one life and we should make the most out of it.

How convinced were you with this script in Season 3?

The challenge for any actor is to do something different every time he/she is on the screen. And if you are getting a chance to do it in one show and be different in every new season, it is so beautiful. We actors do not want to be typecast and when we read the Season 3 script, trust me when I say that we were all jumping and we were so eager to start the shoot. We were excited, passionate and wanted to get back on the set to create the magic again. And that is exactly what has happened now.

Was it easy for you to imbibe the changes in Ananya?

See, I am more of an instinctive actor. So there is nothing much of a preparation for me. When you are on set reading the script, you understand it and perform. Of course, you also need a good director. Above all, I have lived the character of Ananya for 3 years now. I know her more than anyone else. So I just went with the flow instinctively.

Do you think there are people in real life who have gone through a 360-degree turnaround like Rohit or Ananya?

It does happen to people for sure!! Love is such a strong emotion that it changes you as a person. Some people get into a shell; some get very insecure in life. Take, for example, Poonam who needs validation all the time. Ananya has shut all doors of love, and not letting even Harry enter her personal life. People tend to create a wall for themselves and become too cold and private. I do know certain people who are like this. I am also getting many emails and messages where people talk of being exactly like Ananya after they have seen a lot in life.

The only thing I can say is that one should not stop living. If something inside you dies, you are anywhere dead and you are living for the heck of it. This should not happen to anyone. People who have gone through this should rediscover themselves and find love again.

Ananya in Season 3 of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is completely opposite to my personality: Mona Singh 3

What are your takeaways from the role of Ananya?

I am a very switch on and switch off kind of person as an actor. Whatever work I do if it is a huge success, I am only grateful for it. If I get to know of another season coming out I am more grateful. Of course, I love the fact that people shower us with so much love. I have had so many characters that have been close to my heart. The challenges I get with every role is what that matters.

Give your loyal fans a hint on whether Rohit and Ananya do unite here?

Wow!! That’s a million-dollar question coming from you!! I refuse to answer this because there is a big surprise at the end of the season. I will not want to give the spoiler away (laughs).

Surely we will wait for 1 July for answers!! 

Moving on, how has the camaraderie on the set been?

It’s been very strong and beautiful. This is one show where nobody has been insecure and we all are like one family. We have been together for three years and we know each other so well now. We bond over food and over the different shows and platforms we have been part of.

When I shoot with Gurdiip, we break into Punjabi. Ronit and I go back a long way. We did our first ad shoot nearly 10-12 years back. So when all of us are shooting it is party time on set. Work does not seem like work, and we really enjoy it.

Ananya in Season 3 of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is completely opposite to my personality: Mona Singh 4

Tell us about your future projects, Mona Singh? 

Well, I was shooting for Laal Singh Chadha when the lockdown was announced. The film has to release this December but I have not heard from them yet. I am eagerly waiting for things to get back to normal so that I can go back on the set of the film.

Promoting a huge series like Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain during this COVID-hit times. How was the experience? 

We have been through a very different time. We have learned a lot from this. Technology has helped us in a big way for promotions and I have had a good time.

What will your message to your fans be?

Well, I want to tell people that Season 3 of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain is not over. Few episodes will be dropping in on 1st of July. I want to thank one and all for the love and support got. Stay happy and positive during this tough time. More work shall come soon!!

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