In conversation with Pavleen Gujral 

The best part about web is that it is not censored: Pavleen Gujral 

Pavleen Gujral, who is known for her fierce portrayal of Pamela Jaswal in the movie ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’, the cult film that made it to many Indian and International Film festivals and received critical acclaim, is ruling the web space.

Recently, the thespian enthralled audiences in Amazon Prime’s Made in Heaven and ZEE5’s Parchhayee. She will be also part of Voot’s upcoming series, Marzi, and Hotstar Special’s City of Dreams.

Talking about her experience of working in the web space, she says, “The experience has been amazing. I am blown away with the type of content being produced on the platform. The stories are so real and interesting. I worked for few of them like Made in Heaven, Parchhayee. Although the role is small, yet it is so effective that people recognise you solely on its basis. City of Dreams is a special series, I really enjoyed working for it. Web was unknown before, but now it has reached everyone in no time and is growing.”

Commenting about the aspects that interest her in web, she says, “The best part is that it is not censored. Directors and actors, all get the freedom and liberty to work according to their conditions and explore different arenas. It is not limited to goody stuff but also allows you to showcase reality.”

When asked if she feels the need for censorship on the web, she adds, “I don’t think so. I am completely against it. I do agree that sometimes nudity and foul language is used unnecessarily, but let audiences decide whether they want to watch or not.”

Pavleen further shares, “I am a director’s actor. I do my home work according to my director’s guidance. I feel an actor is a puppet and brings charm to the character and show. However, the ultimate vision is of the director. The base is his, hence it is an actor’s duty to bring his vision to reality.”

Good luck girl!

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