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TikTok makes fun and enjoyment and so is becoming favourite among many youngsters nowadays. Shivangi Joshi the TikTok star has her best videos on TikTok and here are they.

Best of Shivangi Joshi on TikTok

The super cute actress of the popular serial Yeh Rishta kya Khelta is now ruling the hearts of her fans with her Amazing TikTok videos and is seen to become the star of TikTok.Shivangi Joshi has over 4.2 Million fans Following on her TikTok app, which is also a great achievement for her excluding her professional career in which she is.

The TikTok Videos of Shivangi Joshi are really cute to watch and grab the attention of the viewers instantly also they are entertaining which creates fun among the viewers. She is seen to be appearing in different attire in her TikTok videos to make it more lively and eye-catchy for the viewers. And also her acting in the TikTok videos is commendable.

Coming to her best videos on TikTok mostly all her videos are best on TikTok but still there some of those videos which really are amazing. Her video that she has made in collaboration is a comedy. Then her video of tear Challenge is really cute and said to be the cutest and best video of her. Also, her recent video of Shinchan creates humour and her dubbing in that is awesome and perfect. Also, her video in which she is portraying as Anjali is superb the way she has grabbed the wordings and her acting, it’s really her best video on TikTok.Than her videos in which she wearing lehnga with the title, Sunn Behen is also really funny and amazing. In fact, she flourishes humour in her every video.

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