Being bold comes easy to me as I do not have any inhibition as an actor – Sakshi Pradhan

The hot chic, Sakshi Pradhan has wrapped up shooting few very bold sequences in the climax of ALTBalaji’s Ragini MMS Returns. Here is she in conversation with

Being bold comes easy to me as I do not have any inhibition as an actor – Sakshi Pradhan

The hot and sexy Sakshi Pradhan comes in as a main attraction in Ekta Kapoor and ALTBalaji’s horrex web-series, Ragini MMS Returns.

Seen as the hot, adventurous chic with a care-free attitude, Sakshi’s character in the series has been a stunner to say!! A girl who can woo men with one sensuous look, Simone has mesmerized and attracted viewers to the core!!

Talking about her sweet and crisp role in Ragini MMS Returns, Sakshi chatted with “It has been a very nice journey.Even though I entered the series mid-way, the character was that of a stunner. My character caught the eye of one and all for her hot look. Above all, it is one of the very important characters as Simone is the one who ends up rescuing the ghost in the climax.”

Sakshi feels honoured to have caught the eye of Ekta Kapoor. “In fact, Ekta earlier had different plans for me, but since that did not materialize, she wanted to give me another role. This role was in fact sketched and planted by Ekta herself. She wanted a new entry in the series of a hot girl who would attract audience. I feel happy when I look back and think that Ekta created this role especially for me.”

Sakshi as already reported in media, will go on to be one of the crucial characters in the climax of the series. Stating the experience of shooting this daring climax sequence as a great experience, Sakshi went on to say, “It was indeed challenging. I can’t explain the kind of amazing things we have done in the climax. You need to check for yourself. I am not allowed to speak on it.”

When asked about viewers going to be treated with quite bold sequences in the climax of the series, she said, “Yes, it is quite bold for my standard. I have never done such things onscreen before. I have done a lot of bikini shows. Being a bikini model, I have been part of International bikini shows. But on-screen, this was the first for me. However, I must say that the scenes were easy to shoot, as I have no inhibition whatsoever as an artist. We have come to act and I will do anything to showcase my talent. I have nothing to worry as my parents, friends and family support me and understand my commitments towards my career.”

Talking about the no-censorship freedom available on the digital platform, Sakshi said, “The best part of this medium is that it does not have any censor rules. This means that everyone is entitled to show creativity in the manner they want.”

Sakshi gelled well with the entire team of Ragini MMS Returns. However, her favorite on sets happened to be Rakshanda Khan. “I gelled very well with Rakshanda. She is so down to earth and fun to work with. I also ate her food (smiles).”

Citing the experience of working with ace Director Ken Ghosh for the climax of the series, Sakshi quipped, “He is a master class. He made us girls very comfortable. We were very happy to be shooting the most important sequence under his guidance.”

On her future projects, Sakshi stated, “I will be seen in one of the biggest travel shows for Travel XP Channel titled ‘Kiss By The Sea’. I travelled at length around the world and recently got back from Mauritius.”

Sakshi, continue your good work!!


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