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BTS Jimin’s GF Details REVEALED!

BTS Jimin is extremely talented and handsome, and it’s quite obvious that he will have a lot of admirers throughout the entertainment industry. So, with the charm and glam, it is expected of Jimin to have a gorgeous GF. And today we are up with a big reveal, of that. Read below to know more!

All through his profession, Jimin has been connected to several idols saying that he might be dating a celebrity. But it has been scrapped off, as it was a rumour.

After Jimin admitted that he was a fan of SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet, fans assumed that he had something for a member of the group, Red Velvet. And a rumour started to sprawl that, Jimin and Seulgi may be dating.

Yet, she wasn’t the one and only one, it was additionally said that he and KARA’s Seungyeon are dating. Everything began when BTS and KARA showed up together in music shows.

In the end, Jimin said that he has a GF, who would only and only love him and take interest in him, apart from being just beautiful. But do you know who is it? Check this video out.

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