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Read to know Jimin’s net worth, Dating History, Controversies

BTS Jimin’s Net Worth, Dating History and Controversies REVEALED

Jimin is a lead singer in K-Pop band, BTS, having joined the band when he was only 17 in 2013. He is 24 years old now and is famous for his miraculous voice and grand appearances!

The star is known for being a staggering singer and dancer. His hair colours are something his fans are obsessed with! He has tried out several bold colours on his hair and slew it like the Rockstar!

Relationship Details

Despite the fact that the K-Pop band seldom talk about their relationships, Jimin has recently been connected to another K-Pop artist, Han Seung-Yong, an individual from the group KARA and also has said in an interview that he is in a relationship, but he has also mentioned that he has “never been in love”

Total assets/Net worth

According to the report of Celebrity Net Worth, Jimin’s total assets are Rs 150 crore ($20 million).


Jimin has sought controversy, during his Tokyo visit a TV network in Japan had dropped an appearance by uber-well-known K-Pop band BTS after a photograph rose of Jimin wearing a T-shirt that seemed to praise the nuclear bombarding of Hiroshima. In spite of the fact that the band’s agency has affirmed that it is not an outfit to hurt the casualties of the nuclear bomb.

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