Actress Chahatt Khanna took to instagram a picture of Uorfi Javed and slammed her with "Cheap Show", Replying To Her, Uorfi added atleast 'I Am Not Living Off My Ex's Alimony'.

Chahatt Khanna Slams Urfi Javed On Social Media For Her Outfit; Urfi Brings Up Her Two Divorces

Chahatt Khanna shared a picture of Uorfi Javed on her Instagram story, in Urfi’s recent look, dressed in a yellow dupatta, and wrote a long note with it.

The note in Chahatt’s story read, “Who wears this? And on what streets? I mean anyone would remove their clothes and media makes them a celebrity? Is Indian media so vulnerable? It’s easy to buy this cheap publicity and media. This cheap show you all are promoting to our generation, anyone would pay for spotting and do anything or even go nude and you’ll carry? This is obnoxiously sad. God bless you with some wisdom.”

Urfi was in angst, as to reply Chahatt she added a series of screenshots and said, “At least I don’t buy followers! Also if you would do your homework, I was there for an interview which is none of your business, you are just jealous that even after paying the paps they are not covering you. @chahattkhanna also whatever anyone does on this earth is none of your business, why didn’t you upload this story for Ranveer Singh? Shows your hypocrisy. See I didn’t judge you for two divorces, dating away younger men so why judge me?”

Further, Urfi added a naked-back photo of Chahatt and penned, “So you are allowed to post such pictures on social media for the entire world to see? Social media pet oh asli log nahi hote na? You are just jealous my love and also you are a bully. I feel bad for your daughter what kind of mother they have! Shit!”

In another story, Urfi mentioned, “At least I earn my own money not living off my two ex-husbands’ alimony. Chahatt Khanna I ain’t coming to you judging you love your life. IDK what these aunties have against me.”

Soon after the fight on social media, Urfi Javed was rushed to the hospital as she had been vomiting for the last couple of days and had a high temperature of around 103°C.

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