Read to know how Mr Faisu and Jannat Zubair behave off camera Read to know how Mr Faisu and Jannat Zubair behave off camera

Check Out! How Faisu And Jannat Zubair Behave Off Camera?

On of the chance, we all wonder how our favourite stars do off the screen! Isn’t it? And it’s fairly obvious for us as fans. Lately, we came across some pictures and videos of Mr Faisu and Jannat Zubair that showcase how they are actually in real life, and their reel life; well, we already know, how they rock n roll every time, they appear onscreen. So, before we head to their pictures, here are the briefs of the two.

Faisal Sheikh, popularly known as Mr Faisu, a former TikTok star, rose to fame for his grand TikTok videos. After the ban on the app, Faisu’s fans whole-heartedly miss him on the platform. Apart from that, he is a popular model, fashion and travel blogger. He is also a YouTuber and has earned millions of subscribers right after he launched his first travel vlog on his channel. He is an inspiration for the youth when it comes to fashion. Mr Faisu is also adored for humble and polite nature. He is extremely jolly and is always there for his fans.

Likewise, Jannat Zubair, who is known for her spectacular fashion updos and acting skills, is right now making millions through his social media uploads. She was also a TikTok star and gained popularity from the platform. She is also known for her role Phulwa, she has been a part of a hit Bollywood film, Hichki, where she played the role of a student.

Mr Faisu and Jannat Zubair are extremely close, they are the best friends. Though their fans often think that they are in a relationship. Here are the pictures and videos of the two, off-camera!

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