Read to know about Faisu’s Biography and Lifestyle

Check Out! Faisu’s Biography and Lifestyle

Faisu, who motivated us once he said “The best thing is to do what they say you cannot do”, is a self-made star. Who has come this far, by giving a lot of effort as an artist. Faisu who is also known as Faisal Sheikh, is a grand model, fashion blogger and a YouTuber. Young girls love him to the fullest, because of his style and fashion. He is a well-known social media influencer too.

But do you know, what made him come this far, what’s his struggle story, and how he has owned his current lifestyle with his hard work!

Well, he started off from his dad’s business, he used to earn Rs 50 at that point of time. He belongs to a super humble family, but now he owns a BMW and a grand mansion. He has struggled hard to get a breakthrough at Bollywood, he has also made several music videos that achieved millions of views so far. He is applauded by the nation, for his great work and struggling life. As per media reports, he once said in an interview, “I never imagined that I’d go from earning ₹50 a day & selling my bike to being able to buy my family a BMW in 1 year. I think hard-work makes the universe deliver in mysterious ways. That’s how the same boy who was fired for dropping a perfume bottle now owns a deodorant brand that’s sold out by the millions.”

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