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Decoding Riyaz Aly’s style statement

Style takes methodology – you can’t wear what you like, well you can, but not every time, isn’t it? You gotta utilize your apparel’s shading, subtleties, texture and fit and focus on precisely where you need it, you will have the option to make a look that is complimenting, offset and fits with your character.

And talking about style, a name that echoes around, is Riyaz! Riyaz Aly, our favourite TikTok star, who has owned big despite his humble background. Whose style statement has wowed us since he came to the spotlight.

Wonder, who he is?

Well, there you go!

Riyaz Aly, an Indian actor, influencer, fashion blogger and TikTok8 star, has made it through TikTok and his YouTube music videos. He has wowed his viewers with his impeccable lip-syncing skills and is admired by the youngsters. His fashion sense defines ethnicity, his choice of colours showcases that he is aware of what would suit him the best.

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Below we have lined up some of his pictures and some of his music videos down below! Check and let us know if you think he is the style GOOD!

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