Read to know Goo Hara struggling story

Goo Hara’s Struggling Story Will Make You Emotional

It’s been months since Hara left us, and we can’t stop mourning at her death. We miss her to the core, and yet can’t believe that she isn’t here with us. She was a popular, actress, singer and model and was adored by youngsters, all around the globe. But little do we know, the mental agony she went through!

She has struggled a lot to get what she had, but her personal life was pretty messed up with some of the worst incidents. She has struggled through a lot of controversies and was petrified throughout her life. She was injured, physically assaulted and was a victim of cyberbullying. After her untimely demise her fans were extremely disheartened to know, and even today, her fans don’t forget to comment on her Instagram posts, remembering her, shows how much they love her!

Goo Hara was a strong woman, we wish she stayed longer with us! We miss you, Hara!

Here are some of her Instagram posts.

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