Vyom Yadav the talented youngster who is being applauded today for his effortless portrayal in Sony LIV's web series Garmi, gets into an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

I believe that I have to create the best possible cinema for my audience: Vyom Yadav of Garmi fame

Vyom Yadav a talented actor who has recently made his debut in the lead role in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s web series, Garmi which streams on Sony LIV, has a background in engineering. Vyom pursued his passion for acting through his school and college days by participating in drama society and street theatre performances. Garmi is produced by Hemal Ashok Thakkar’s Playtime Creations.

On the experience of working in Garmi, Vyom Yadav explains in detail, “Bagging my role in Garmi was a dream come true for me, and working on a project of such magnitude with one of the country’s finest directors, Tigmanshu sir, was a life-changing experience. While I faced numerous rejections in the beginning, I remained optimistic throughout. As I delved into the Garmi script, I realized that the character had certain similarities to myself, but the political aspect was entirely unfamiliar territory. To bring this character to life, I spent hours studying and learning about traits that overlapped with our characters, and the entire experience was incredibly fulfilling.”

As part of his preparations for this role, Vyom got into the skin of Arvind and played him very well. “My character, Arvind’s personality, behaviour, mentality, and physical attributes varied from the real me. In my experience, I found that Arvind had a more untamed nature than my own. To accurately portray him, I had to conduct thorough research and immerse myself in his perspective. This involved adopting his mannerisms, speech patterns, and thought processes, which was an enjoyable aspect of the acting process. As an actor, I believe this level of engagement with a character is unique to the profession. It allows you to experience life through another person’s eyes, and achieving complete control over the character is a rewarding feeling. It’s a blessing to be able to inhabit another soul and bring it to life, as this is something that cannot be replicated or faked.”

On the kind of roles that attract him, Vyom avers, “I have a desire to portray a psychopath on screen, and I am also drawn to playing a character in a slice of life or romantic film. Regardless of the roles I take on in the future, one thing is certain: I am committed to giving my all to make each character look as real as possible on screen. I believe that it is my duty to create the best possible cinema for my audience, and I promise to deliver the most authentic performances that I can.”

Ask him about his upcoming projects, and Vyom states, “I feel immensely grateful for the opportunities that have come my way since my debut. Directors and producers have been reaching out to me with intriguing scripts and upcoming projects, and while I do have a few films scheduled, I am very selective about the types of roles and narratives I choose to be a part of. For me, it is important to be able to relate to the role and to be able to engage audiences on screen. Despite my selectivity, I am optimistic about the future and am excited to work on important projects that will challenge me as an actor and contribute positively to the film industry.”

Best of luck, Vyom!!