Read to know K-Pop Star Sulli’s biography, education and net worth

K-Pop Star Sulli’s Biography, Education and Net Worth Revealed

K-Pop is super famous among youth. Sulli, a well-known K-Pop star, was a singer, actress and model, who sadly left us too early. Also known as, Choi Jin-Ri, she has revelled us with her grand execution onscreen

She began her acting career from the age of 11 only and has gained popularity since then. And it’s a call of severe misfortune, that she left us within no time. She was so young and beautiful, not just that, immensely talented as well. She was versatile, and was a part of a drama school and completed her studies from there. We miss her onscreen, but it’s not to deny that the entertainment industry and stage look all glittery from far, but have gotten its own darkest secrets.

As of now, Sulli’s net worth is $15million, she used to earn 400k per episode. We mourn every day recalling her untimely demise if only she could come back though!

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