Mohit Raina talks about Kashmir, web series Kaafir and more

‘Mahadev’ Mohit Raina’s nostalgic Kashmir connection

Mohit Raina, who is all set to debut on the digital platform with ZEE5 Kaafir, says he agreed to be part of the series within few minutes of narration as the story was very strong.

‘Kaafir’ is a tale of a young Pakistani woman who comes into India through a strange series of circumstances and is unable to return home. The show revolves around the relationship between this woman, who is accused of militancy, and her lawyer who makes her justice his sole objective.”

Talking about an incident from his childhood, he says, “I was 15-16 years old when there was no digitization. My mom and dad used to click pictures from the camera. I was going through the album and I saw one face was very familiar in all pics. I asked my parents about the kid who was along with me in the photos. This is about Kashmir when things were not good in that state. They told me, his name is Fahim and he was your childhood friend. You used to be always with him. You guys used to go to school together, you used to eat also together. If the situations were not bad back then, I think my friend would have been with me now. Humanity is the biggest religion, I guess. We have to be kind and generous to others.”

Ask about Kaafir and the challenges behind the character, he shares,”It was a beautiful journey. It has just made think more about humanity. I learnt a lot. Although the backdrop of the series is Kashmir what attracted me to do the series was the story. The hero is the story of any project. When I was narrated the story of Kaafir, I was sold at the table. The locals welcomed us. Sometimes, we used to get bored eating the food of the hotel. Hence, they used to get homemade food for us. These gestures just touched our heart.”

On an end note, he feels digital is a new phase. “This is the best phase to be in the industry because it gives you an opportunity. You get to showcase more talent, I come from a background of TV so digitization has also given me a new way to work,” ends Mohit.

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