Neha Bagga the actress and digital content creator, Resty Kamboj got engaged recently. In an exclusive talk with, Neha talks about how love happened between them.

Neha Bagga talks about her love story with digital content creator Resty Kamboj

Piya Rangrezz actress Neha Bagga recently got engaged to content creator Resty Kamboj. The duo takes International trips every now and then, and recently we had Neha sharing the news of her engagement from Turkey. The duo got engaged on 19 September.

We at got in touch with Neha to know more about her love affair. Says Neha exclusively to, “I met Resty in the year 2019, when I was shooting for a Punjabi film where I played the lead. Resty was the associate in the film. Resty asked me if I could join him in making his new content video. So in between the shots, we made a video which went viral. Resty was happy with it and he asked me to be part of another video. After a few days, Resty contacted me and asked me whether we could make videos in future too. This led to a friendship between us.”

“Resty’s friends too started saying that they needed time for the next video. I used to happily indulge in making videos. After a point, there was a financial crunch owing to the lockdown. This was when I indulged in a lot of video content. One day, Resty asked me for marriage. I asked for some time, as I was not ready for marriage. In 2021, I told Resty that I was ready to tell my parents about him. We talked to our families and they were fine with the alliance. We indulged in travel blogging over the last few years. This is one of the most common aspects that bond us together. Resty proposed to me in Turkey and I was taken aback. Wedding plans are also being made by our families,” she says.

“Now we are getting married. We are active on vlogs. I am happy that our short videos are being accepted by friends and well-wishers. I am very keen to work in TV and web series. However, I am being judged and categorized for being a digital content creator. I am waiting for the time when I get back as an actress,” states the actress about her comeback to acting.

Best of luck, Neha!!