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I have never had the fear of getting overshadowed by a bigger star – Namit Das

Actor Namit Das comes from a family that boasts of various artistes across different crafts and it has certainly helped him develop the love towards his craft of acting. He’s had to struggle immensely to be recognized and the efforts are all set to show positive results once again in Hotstar’s upcoming show Aarya featuring Namit alongside actors like Sushmita Sen, Chandrachur Singh, and others.

So what kind of mindset did he have on the sets while working with these experienced artists? Was he always positive or was he ever nervous of getting overshadowed by these experienced actors? When we asked Namit about the same and asked for his viewpoint, he said and we quote,

“Well, if you are an artist who is true to your craft, you cannot afford to have thoughts like these at all. As an actor, you would want to do the best which is in your hands and just concentrate on your own art and work. You can’t control what others are doing or what others will think of you. So the best thing is to not think that way. If I actually start thinking and having fears, it means I am not concentrating entirely on what I am supposed to be doing. I don’t want to do that. I have never had such fears and I will never have any of these later in my life as well.”

Well, kudos to Namit for such a positive thought process and we wish him all the best for Aarya and all his future endeavours. For more updates, stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com.

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