Tanu Khan who plays a porn star in ALTBalaji’s Zaban Sambhal Ke talks about the series and her role. Read here for details.

I am quite comfortable with the double meaning dialogues of Zaban Sambhal Ke: Tanu Khan

Tanu Khan who plays an NRI porntsar Tara in ALTBalaji show Zabaan Sambhal Ke has no issues with the double meaning dialogues.

Says Tanu, “It is the type of language we youngsters anyways use when with friends. The only thing was that here I had to face the camera while doing the same.”

“Also we are actors just doing our job; so I am just taking it as one more assignment. It was quite hilarious and bold. I was a big fan of the original series, hence was more than happy to be part of its sequel.”

Talking about porn stars she says, “I made it a point to follow the mannerisms of Sunny Leone on which Tara’s character is obviously based. I had anyway been following it since her Bigg Boss stint, and is one of my most favourite shows.”

Talking about Sunny in particular, she states, “I really like Sunny. We should not be judgemental about what others do, as to each his own. Plus you never know what could be their compelling reasons. But she has now left that life behind and is doing quite well in India.”

Tanu who has previously also played a foreigner in Star Plus show Chandra Nandini says, “The biggest challenge with essaying non-desi characters is to look western and to unlearn Hindi to speak in that accent. Over time it becomes so ingrained that you start talking and behaving like that in real life as well.”

However she is not afraid that she will be typecast, in the future.  “For we have to give a look test and if I am able to emote my lines as required, it should not be an issue.”

Interestingly while batting for adult net content, Tanu herself would not strip all the way saying, “We all have a choice to say no if uncomfortable. I have turned down a few such offers.”

Let’s face it there is huge market for such content. Also normal content is not getting you enough clicks. Here Tanu added, “As opposed to popular notion a large number of young females also use their mobiles to watch such type of series.”

“Given social conditioning, sex-starved Indians are hesitant to talk about the birds and the bees. Even I am not comfortable watching a kissing scene on the tube with my folks. Hence there should not be any shame in watching such personal content in private.”

Best of luck, Tanu!!

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