Web gave opportunity to actors like us to showcase talent: Amol Parashar

In conversation with Amol Parashar

Web gave opportunity to actors like us to showcase talent: Amol Parashar

Versatile actor Amol Parashar, who enthralled audience in series like TVF Tripling, Ready 2 Mingle, feels digital is over powering TV and Movies. Now, the actor will be back with his siblings in Tripling season 2.

Talking about working in a simplistic show like Tripling, he says, “In a show like Tripling, you can pull off a scene easily only if you are skilled as an actor and conformable with your co-actors and set up. It is not about coming and stealing the scene, but making it look simple with perfect blend of emotions between all the three characters.”

When we ask if he feels digital is ruling over TV and movies, he avers, “Factually, there is no change in the number of shows and films that are being produced. Hence, there are TV shows and movies launching and entertaining audiences. Now, digital has become the new trend. People, like us, who were in search of work got a platform to explore talent. We are not getting into each other’s space. Web has a complete different set of actors and creators. Also, people who are consuming the content are also a different set of audience. With new things coming into the picture, audiences have more options to entertain themselves.”

Amol believes digital platform has more kids’ viewers than youngsters. “On YouTube, kids’ videos are the most watched one. We being adults don’t consume that content but they have views in million. Kids’ nursery rhymes are a super hit. If they are becoming cranky or not having their food, parents give them phone and play a rhyme, they happily enjoy it. There is content for them also but we don’t go and watch them,” ends Amol.

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