Swara Bhaskar who will be seen in VOOT’s Its Not That Simple Season 2 talks about the new season and the story.

In web-series, there is no pressure of TRP, box-office collection and censor board: Swara Bhaskar

Glamorous actress Swara Bhaskar is back as mature Meera in the second season of VOOT’s Its Not That Simple.

Season 2 catches the fierce Meera fighting to reclaim all that’s lost from her – career, love, life, identity, respect…a chance to have it all.

Commenting on the new season, she shares, “It’s Not That Simple in its Season 2 will pick up from where my character Meera in Season 1 left off. Meera is actually independent as she has been separated from her husband. She is realising that although being a single mother might sound cool, it involves a lot of hardship. The show is very close to my heart. I am really happy to be back here.”

Further elaborating on people objecting females, she says, “Women are judged by people more than men. Be it a kid, they are objectified on their looks, colour and mannerism. Females have to face the line ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ and this line has destroyed many lives. However, I think you should not bother about what people will say and just do whatever you feel is right.”

When asked what difference she finds working for a Bollywood movie and web-series, and Swara avers, “I am doing acting in both but with web-series there is no pressure of TRP, box-office collection and censor board. I think there is a different kind of freedom to explore stories and characters. This is a unique platform as you can push your boundaries here.”

Well said, Swara!

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