Shine Pandey the talented young actor talks about his food choices. He is a good cook and he lets out his likings here. The actor debuted in the Voot series UP65.

Egg Soup is the weirdest dish I have eaten: Shine Pandey

Shine Pandey the talented actor who was recently seen making his digital debut with Voot series UP65, is a foodie. He likes to cook and also has the best choices when it comes to his food habits.

In a candid chat with, Shine Pandey talks about his food choices.

Check them here.

What is your favourite cheat food?

Fresh Pizza.

What would your last meal on Earth be?

Fresh Pizza would be great.

Do you cook at home? What do you make? Share a recipe with us

Yes, I do cook. I actually consider myself to be a great chef. I can almost make anything. Sorry, all the recipes are top secret.

Veg or Non Veg?

Preferably Vegetarian.

Baked or fried?


Soup or salad?

Salads are my love.

One vegetable that you hate the most?

I actually love all the vegetables.

Your erotica food?

Tender coconut ice cream

Weirdest dish you ever ate?

Egg Soup.

Celebrity you would love to cook for?

Shah Rukh Khan

Midnight snack?

Pizza has taken over my life.

The dish that your family loves when you make:

I never cook whenever I am home. So, they have never gotten to eat my luxury.

The best compliment got was for which dish:

Paneer Makhni

I get appreciated for the gluten-free burgers that I make: Bidisha Ghosh Sharma

My dream destination is wherever my boyfriend wants to take me: Madhurima Tuli

The couch is my favourite corner in my house: Shrey Mittal of Naagin fame