Read to know if BeerBiceps is overrated

Is Youtuber Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps) overrated?

No, BeerBiceps, is not overrated. It would be absolutely illogical to call someone overrated or underrated. We should rather appreciate the kind of hard work these YouTubers put to entertain us on a daily basis. We all have different taste, and likewise, we follow different artists. BeerBiceps is one of them, he is adored for his self-transformation journey.

Beer Biceps is a well-known social media influencer, he is a famous YouTuber, whose channel deals with fitness videos and diet. Ranveer joined YouTube back in December 2014 and has reached 2.65million subscribers till date. And he inspired so many people struggling with weight loss, he came out with different workout and diet plan on YouTube to help out fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Ranveer Allahbadia was an engineering student but now he is a self-made entrepreneur. He has collaborated with famous Bollywood stars, like Boman Irani, Priyanka Chopra, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Saif Ali Khan and others. The young boy has also launched Monk Entertainment which deals with various brand marketing and others, in 2018 and after that, it was never a look back for him.

The youth loves him for his career choices, and find him inspiring for what he does! His journey started when he showcased his weight loss journey with his viewers and eventually, his channel became one of the popular fitness channels across the country. His hard work and endless effort paid off at last! We all love him.

We have lined up some of Ranveer’s YouTube videos down beneath, check them out and let us know in the comment section below if you think he is overrated.

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